Why does Paizo continue to do business with Bill Webb?

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Your company, at this very moment, has dozens of Bill Webb's products for sale on the Paizo storefront. Bill Webb, the man who has assaulted and harassed several women at Paizocon events, and who physically injured a Paizo employee for intervening in his creep behavior. Bill Webb also jumped into the ORC lisense movement withoout even a response from Paizo. M You have, almost six years after this man hurt your own emoloyee and chased someone else out of the industry, not even seen fit to even cut off business ties with this individual? Is that how little regard for the safety of your own employees and of your convention goers you have? Can I trust your company to be a safe and inclusive environment right now? Because I'm not sure I can.

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chased someone else out of the industry

As someone who was directly involved with this disaster which person are you referring to because its vague enough to be quite a few people?

And to clarify multiple people got chased out of this industry because of this specific incident.

Also the situation got better over time but I'd rather not go into details for the privacy of everyone involved. Its why if you ever noticed me years ago I was a bit of a firebrand and then eventually calmed down.

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Lisa Stevens addressed this particular situation here: https://paizo.com/threads/rzs2uoph?Open-Letter-From-Paizo-CEO-Lisa-Stevens

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