[SPOILER] Crown of the Kobold King - what happens if the ritual is completed?


So asking for some advice. In this evening's session of Crown of the Kobold King, my players had almost finished exploring the first floor of Droskar's Crucible when they used the listening chamber's trumpet to convince Kerrdremak and minions (by impersonating Lorcan) to attempt to take on the Kobold King. The dice were in their favour, and I ruled that this party would go down and attempt to overthrow him.

Thinking through this logic, the King would consider them enemies the moments they attacked, and therefore suitable candidates for ritualistic sacrifice. This time, the rolls went against the player's favour, and the King and his minions critically succeeded their checks to complete the ritual. What's the best way forward? The deteriorated Third Seal still hasn't been dealt with (or is even fully known about), so the Crown of Toil is complete and in the Kobold King's hands (or rather on his head), and it's suffused with powerful necrotic energy.

They have now fled back to Falcon's Hollow, and my thinking of approach is to set them up for a siege/last stand of the town against a powered up Kobold King and his armies/undead. They're level 3 so I intend to allow them to have allies and set up defences etc, but I don't see a believable way of them surviving and this being salvageable. Does anyone have suggestions based on experience/lore for how to handle this? The combo of a completed crown and Third Seal still in play just seem like they will be massively out of their depth.

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