Mental Muscle and attacks of Opportunty

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Does casting Mental Muscle provoke an attack of opportunity? ntal%20Muscle

When attacks of opportunity were written for starfinder it says that spells that don't provoke will say they don't provoke, the casting time section of the rules also doesn't mention swift spells.

Everything I can find googling is related to Pathfinder and how swift spells don't provoke.

Is this an oversight or does Mental Muscle provoke even though it's intended to be allowed to use with full attack actions?

"When you perform a full action, you can cast this spell as part of that action (and apply the spell’s effects to that action) rather than casting it as a swift action."

I'm just wondering if the intent is to provoke AOO's when casting this, as written it does provoke but IMO it makes it a really awkward spell since it only lasts one round .

As written, it does provoke. On the plus side (maybe), you can fight defensively while casting the spell as part of a full action. Combined with combat casting you can get a +4 to your AC for the AoO. You could also cast it as part of a charge where you wouldn't provoke.

The greater version of the spell has a duration and is likely meant to be the less awkward version.

cast walk whack. Or get a reach weapon step back cast whack.

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