Changing Quantities In Cart Empties The Cart

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I was attempting to change the quantity of Beginner Box dice sets that I had in my cart.

I put my cursor in the quantities box, changed the 1 to a 5, and hit enter. That cleared all the items from my cart, and did not put them in the Saved Items page.

If I scroll to the bottom of the cart, and use the "change quantities" button, the cart does not empty.

My problem is that I had a long list of items in my cart, and I could not see the "change quantities" button on the page. So I just "entered" the changed quantity, and erased the whole page.

I'm able to replicate this. (Windows 11, Firefox, both up to date)

Also able to replicate on Win 10, Firefox.

If you can't see the "update quantities" button on a large order, it is very easy to delete the entire order.

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This is actually an improvement over the situation from a few years ago, when my Cart page became inaccessible when I put too much on it. At least you can rebuild your cart contents, as much of a pain in the rear end that process is.

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