Balancing the Jinx Witch Archetype applied to a shaman


Hey !

I recently built a jinx witch trying to maximize both saves and spell DC but it seems it needs a lot investment into Abilities Score and feats to work only against mages targeting you, leaving your own spells with low DC's so quite uneffective. Only way to make it work is to be under Threefold aspect at any time, with a con Belt.

Here's the actual sheet : 4qdsxToY/edit?usp=sharing

I ended up in weird place, where i wasn't as usesfull as i wished with weak spells and hex and mage not really targeting me. There was some fun situations, though, where i ran voluntary into magical traps to just make value on the jinx witch features.

Maybe i made bad build choice, Maybe the jinx witch is only meh-tier (but i love the concept)

(Also i Thought i should prepare a toolbox of spells of different schools for the purpose of Jinx-Gorging, but i found myself expand those spell as i needed them before eating any spells)

With this in mind, we'll be starting WotR soon and i asked my DM if i could just apply the jinx witch archetype to Shaman as it replaces only Hexes for new features and it allows to cast on wisdow which is great for both high Will save and High DC spells. reducing investment in ability score, feats and magic items.
(i think i'll go duergar, Guardian path for adamant mind and spell parry (seems interesting under Enlarge person), and dual path mythic feat for regular options)

The only downside to this is investing into Con rather than Cha, closing some spirit abilies, but i don't think this is a big deal

I wanted your opinions on this, does this seem too powerful ? Is the jinx witch already a good archetype and i, just a fool who cannot build a character ?

I don't want to break the game, nor i want my DM feel betrayed by something i didn't realise and happen to be actualy too strong for the game lvl

The Jinx Witch is a fine archetype for a campaign where you will regularly be targeted by spells, but even then doesn't really shine until 10th level.

At least that's my take.

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