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The world of Golarion is huge and draws inspiration from fantasy works of all genres. It isn’t really possible to make a single list of inspirations for the setting… so instead I’m making a whole bunch of them! And since this is way bigger than a single person, I’m opening it up to the community as well to leave comments with media they think should be on the list.

You can find and comment on the document here.

It is a bit empty right now, but I'm going to add to it as I have time and I hope other people will too!

Any type of media is fair game as long as it relates to the Pathfinder setting and meets the Community Use Policy. I will probably try to sort media by book, movie, video game, music, non-fiction etc, but that is all dependent on how much time I have. If you want to include or add to a blurb for a particular work, you are more than welcome to include that too. Credit for blurbs will be given if you include your name.

This document does include an outline, so if you’d like to skip straight to a particular topic you can. Broadly it is divided into three sections: Inspiration by book, by region, and by adventure path. There will be some overlap between the three, so repeats are okay, but try not to duplicate entire lists.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment and we’ll get building this list together!

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