now recruiting for new game PF1E core rules will be taking 8 players


Our site aims to take characters from level 1 to 20, leveling twice a year. Yes, that means a 10 year game. This site has been running for a long time, and has a great record with running and completing games. We will be accepting 8 players for this game. The adventure, location and DMs are setup and ready to go.

If you would like to experience a game that doesn't fold after a few months, then this may be the right game for you. If you would like a game that has as much role playing as roll playing then this may be the right game for you.

We are using the Pathfinder 1 ruleset, plus a few house rules including races and prestige classes.

If you are interested, please post a reply here, or send me a direct message.

Here is the synopsis for the game:

Game 9: Drakesmeade [Level 1]

Drakesmeade has been the ancestral home of the Blackaxe clan of dwarves for over 1000 years. Their stronghold is located near the Five Sisters mountain range within The Scab Mountains. Times have been hard. The size of their ancient stronghold is much larger than the clan currently needs, but they are growing into it. Will the entrance of a mixed race group of adventurers change the clan’s future for the better or the worse? Only the gods know the answers and only time and adventure will reveal it.

If there are any questions, please let me know!

I am interested in applying for this campaign.

Here are my questions:
1. This is a homebrew campaign, because I don't readily recognize any of the details in the description?
2. What method of ability score selection will you use? Rolls? Point Buy? Both?
3. Anything from d20pfsrd or Archives of Nethys?
4. Elephant In The Room Tax? Hero Points? Automatic Bonus Progression? Mythic system? Occult system?

As of this post, I'm thinking of a dwarven character from the Clan Blackaxe.

blope wrote:
Our site aims to take characters from level 1 to 20, leveling twice a year.

Also, where exactly is your site?

The site is

-Yes, this is a homebrew campaign, not an AP. This will be the ninth game running on the site, which will put us at 72 total players.
-We use point buy for ability scores
-Character creation is mostly core book only, but there are some prestige classes and races etc. that are a part of the campaign and available for use.
-I'm not sure what elephant in the room tax is. We do use a hero point system, We do not use automatic bonus progression.
-We run games from 1st to 20th level, where characters then retire. We do not use mythic or occult systems.

Please note your PC would not need to be a dwarven character.

I would echo JeminiZero's question -- what/where exactly is your site?

Interested! Curious about logistics of how the game is run.

1. Is there a way to get notifications of posts from Woldiangames? I have several Paizo campaigns going so I already check in every day. I would be more open to playing on a new site if there was a way to get notified in case I forgot to check.

2. What posting rate is expected of players? I'm assuming this is a play-by-post game.

3. Will there be battle maps and, if so, how will they be handled?

4. Are you GMing or is someone else?

The very long game concept sounds really good. I've lost a couple of campaigns at low-mid levels that I spent a lot of thought on.

I was wondering about the setting, it is mainly about the dwarven stronghold? So if we do something like court intrigue, it would be most probably in the clan court or enemies/neighbours?

I have to think about this a bit, for such a long campaign I would need a character I really like. I have some recyclable ideas from the lost campaigns, and party dynamics affect things a bit. One of the good things is I don't mind playing clerics, I find it that the god's tenets give wonderful roleplaying and character building ideas. The dwarven minus to charisma and cleric's pathetic 2 skill points hurt my first ideas a bit but I'll try to invent something.


Answering some questions here:

Dejoker- the site is

1) there is not a notification system. However the DMs in the games try to maintain posting at the same time every day, giving roughly 24 hours to make your post

2) posting rate is 5 times a week, M-F. We hope for 4 posts minimum per week. We understand rl happens and have some things in place to help with this.

3) battlemaps are handled separately by each GM, usually we use google sheets or excel spreadsheet.

4) I am a GM on the site, but not for this new game. The GMs for this new game are already setup and ready.

Melda- The setting is an entire campaign world. The dwarven stronghold is the starting point and likely the focus for the game. However, there are many established locations and games tend to visit many of them.

As a reminder, your character does not need to be a dwarf. Also, With such long term games, choose a character you will enjoy playing. Our GMs are used to unconventional party makeup.

Please let me know if interested in joining, or send me a PM. Any other questions, please let me know.

Well this sounds pretty awesome blope you should have led off with this as part of the introduction -- but late is better than never ;-)

Be looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the Woldians.

I didn't think it would be all there, but for example one of the campaigns I lost was a court intrigue -style where I had a disgraced noblewoman whose goal was to cause chaos and use it to rise up. Of course it could work here too, but it might be a bit clumsy at the beginning.

I was just thinking of a dwarf because it would give better ties to the starting environment. This first idea I have is a dwarf who is a bit un-dwarvish, maybe a cleric of a god unusual among dwarves or a bard. Both need charisma a bit so it is a bit suboptimal but if that's fine with the party it might be fun.

On a second thought on the first chapter, it might still work... but it is more for a stagnated society, not one that is having hard times already from other effects.

OK I'm starting to get more ideas. Mark me as interested.

Melda, sent you a PM with more details.

I have a druid idea I would enjoy trying out, how do the dwarves and Halfings get along in this world? If that's not to far fetched?

Your character idea sounds fine. I sent some more details in a PM.


There are still a few openings. Please send me a message or reply here for more details.

blope, this sounds very interesting. I went to the Woldian site. Are there still openings?

Just so people know, I've joined the site and it's great so far. Just started posting in the game I joined and everyone on the site is very friendly and organized.

hey, therealthom, I sent you a message with more info.

The games are filling fast at this point, and the new game is nearly filled. There are a handful of spots left, so if you are interested, act on the info I sent you soon.

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If there's still a spot open for this, I'm potentially interested. Can I get the details?

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Dslak, sent you a pm with more info. Spots are filling up quick.

I haven't played PF1e before (unless you count a partially complete save file on the Kingmaker CRPG), and it has been many years since I played 3.5e.

With those caveats out of the way, I am interested in learning more if there are still spots open.

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colorfoot, I sent you a pm with some more details. As long as you are willing to learn. There are a handful of spots left, and plenty of options for rules help as needed.

2 spots remaining, please message me if interested.


This game has now been filled. However, there is an opening in another game on the site, please respond here or send me a pm if interested.

I'm a bit interested, depending on the open spot. Is the other game a level 1 fresh campaign spot, or is it a game that is in full swing?

The new game is filled, but there are a couple open spots. We do continue filling games in progress until they reach higher levels. Considering the long term nature of the games, joining a game in progress is not an issue.

I sent you a pm with more details if you want to take a closer look.


There are still a small number of openings in games on the site. Please pm me or reply here if interested.


There are a small number of openings in games on the site. Please pm me or reply here if interested.

I'm willing to give it a shot or, at least learn more... I've PM'd.

hi Djack, I've sent you some info. Some of your questions may also have been answered previously in this thread.

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