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Radiant Oath

I have searched and searched and found no answer to if I must make online non-scenarios open to the public?

Hi, I have both a regular PFS game I play in, and an online group I've been meeting regularly with for three years. Due to my Voice Disability, I haven't felt comfortable GMing since High School, but my online group has raised my confidence. I'm going to try GMing the Beginner Box for them, using Foundry VTT. I would like to get PFS credit. Some of them are coming to Gencon, so I'd encourage them to carry a character into those PFS games.

Reading the official material and Doug Hahn's guides, they hint that scenarios must be open to the public, but give little guidance on how that works online. It's also unclear if that extends to the weird space the beginner box is in. It seems a proper adventure could be private. (If this goes well, I'll run Kingmaker)

Question: Can I run the Beginner Box for credit privately?
Question: Which venture-captain or other person should I speak to?

Suggestion: The Official guides should clarify which of Bounties, quests, scenarios, beginner box, or adventures must be public.
Suggestion: The Official guides should clarify what makes an online session "Public." We have rules lawyers in this community. I know I could charge for a public session, or at least, I've seen people do that. Is it public if I would accept anyone, but only tell my friends where to find the game?

Request: If Doug Hahn could add the above information to his amazing Guides, that would be sweet as well. Or maybe I've overlooked something.

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You can run any of the scenarios/adventures/etc privately, for credit as long as you follow the sanctioning requirements and event requirements for the event number you're reporting under.

The only time, to my knowledge, that sanctioning requirements could enter into the private/public aspect are the FreeRPG Days Adventures during their embargo period.

If you're reporting to your own personal event code, there won't be any restrictions there. If you're reporting under an online lodge's code, then you need to follow whatever their rules are. For instance conventions can have higher ACP multipliers, but have to follow the conventions rules for who can sign up. Likewise, in meatspace, there's been a notion of an RSP event (Retail Support Program) which can also give bonus ACP multipliers, but have to be open to the public.

You not finding an answer because, in general there is no such rule in the first place requiring anything to be public.

Radiant Oath

I was overthinking it. Great! Thank you!

Thanks for the information sharing

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