Arresting a solarian??


My npc police have to arrest one of my solarian players. How do they prevent him from using his mote to make a weapon while in custody? Other than a deus mcguffin magic item. I posted this on rules initially, but this might be a better forum for this question.

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Offhand, I'd say just the honour system. Make sure your solarion is surrounded by a couple burly peace officers of a higher level, and that they understand that popping weapons would be a very bad idea.

Beyond that, I think "high level magic" is your best bet. Presumably police forces could arrange to have a high-level spellcaster that knows or has spell gems of, like, Magic Seal available. Or someone with a fancy enough weapon to use a spellthrower fusion to cast the same. It's not cheap, is the only thing; a couple of extra burly officers would probably be more cost-efficient.

OR - heck, this being Starfinder, it's not implausible that Summoned or Called creatures could be the answer! Surely there's some manner of Lawful angel, archon, axiomite, or Abadaran outsider that'd do work pro bono to help law enforcement. It'd be a bit of homebrewing, but you could say each precinct has access to a handful of "law-abiding gems" (aka elemental gems but for Lawful outsiders) that they can use to summon appropriate outsiders to contain and deal with supernatural threats.

I'd just make some handvuffs that are higher level and magitech item. That can be used to capture the mote. You clasp cuffs on them then cuff the mote and that sphere sticks to the cuffs so its one neat package.

Otherwise it'd be a matter of keeping them drugged I guess.

but yeah a bunch of them that would use lethal force if they resist I guess.

This is basically the old 90s xmen issue honestly. So might look back at some of the more classic stuff from them for ideas.

Solar Manifestation is a supernatural (Su) ability.

"Supernatural abilities are magical but differ from spells in key ways. Unlike spells, which can be interrupted while being cast, supernatural abilities can’t be disrupted in combat. They aren’t subject to spell resistance or dispel magic, but they don’t function in areas where magic is suppressed or negated." Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 262

So, anti-magic field jail cell.

Casting in starfinder doesn't have somatic components either , so tying up casters doesn't work. And oddly you can cast perfectly fine while grappled or swallowed whole.

Even weirder, if you have a space t rex (ie, it only has a bite attack) you're SAFER trying to cast from inside its mouth than standing next to it because it can't attack you

Beyond sedatives or armed guards, or bombs/gas placed in the cell, there is also the simple solution of full hand restraints.

If the restraints fully enclose their hand and prevent them from being used, they can't form and 'draw' the solar weapon.

From the Armory, entry on Noqual
"This starmetal is strangely resistant to magic, and is commonly used in binders and manacles intended to confine spellcasting prisoners and in gear intended for use in magic-laden environments. Objects fashioned from noqual gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against magical effects."

So I'd presume at minimum they'd have and use noqual binders, and the binders would sap the power of the mote, and that would be sufficient to contain a low-level Solarian, or they'd have to make a difficult DC check to escape. More costly and difficult measures would be needed to restrain a high level Solarian.

The same would be used for a Technomancer, Mystic, or Witchwarper.

Its not like you don't need 'more costly and difficult measures' to restrain a high level *anything*. Sure, a Soldier might not have any magical abilities, but "Being shackled isn't enough of a penalty to keep me from beating up my guards, taking their weapons, and shooting my way out" has a magic all its own. Which, if you are trying to contain a level 15 Soldier in a prison filled with level 5 guards, is exactly what will happen.

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Noqual mittens?

If you're trying to contain a level 15 anything with level 5 guards they're getting out. The soldier rips the doors off and beats people with it, the mechanic reprograms the prison logs to get themselves transfered from their cell, the operative vanishes in the cell pick pockets the guards, the Envoy asks the guards very nicely to let them out and join his cult and they do...

There are other scenario and character dependent options. A lawful character will remain in custody as long as they believe their captors have lawful authority over them. A lawful and honorable character can be contained by their own honor. A character with loved ones or a good character can be contained by threatening hostages. Of course that option is only available to evil captors.

Chaotic evil characters are not going to be held by any kind of social restraint.

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Keep in mind that if your player is anything like me, the fact that you can't take a solarians mote/solar weapon away is a big draw of the class for reasons like still being functional in a scenario when your weapons get taken away. There are lots of things you could do to put a character out of commission without actively going against what the book says. Full restraints, sedation, solitary confinement with walls too strong for the weapon to break, astral prison, etc.

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