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looking for rules on what happens with Skills and saves when a Druid changes with Animal Form Does anyone know where to find that in the CRB

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Animal Form and Polymorph

The basic idea is that the spell and its associated traits only change what they actually say that they change.

Save bonuses are not changed - so you continue to use your Druid's original save values.

Skills may change. Most don't, but Animal Form does give you a minimum Athletics modifier. So if your Druid's modifier is lower than what the spell lists, you would use the one from the spell instead.

Animal Form also prevents you from using other Strike options that you may already have. You couldn't use your weapons, or any unarmed attacks that you may have from an ancestry feat or other class ability.

Polymorph also restricts you from casting spells, using manipulate actions, or speaking unless the spell removes that restriction. Animal Form does not remove any of those.

It is a bit less clear in the rules, but most of the time you can continue to use other class feats and abilities that you have. For example if you were a Storm Order druid with the Storm Born feat, you could still see through fog and other weather effects even while under the effects of Animal Form.

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