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if a wizard summmon a genie and the genie grant 3wishes does the genie hav to pay the cost of the wishes ???

if im not mistaken:

1. genie's wish is a spell-like ability as such it has no material cost.

2. summoned creatures can not use spell like abilities that are based on spells with costly material components.
-this is for creatures summoned via 'summon monster 1-9' spells and stuff that work like that. other ways of summoning might still allow that:

(from the spell info)
"A summoned monster cannot summon or otherwise conjure another creature, nor can it use any teleportation or planar travel abilities. Creatures cannot be summoned into an environment that cannot support them. Creatures summoned using this spell cannot use spells or spell-like abilities that duplicate spells with expensive material components (such as wish)."

btw i see a lot of people forget about the 'not being able to teleport' part often.

if you CALL the genie via a calling spell however such as planner ally or planner binding, it could use it's wish spell-like abilities. but that entitle other difficulties.

wat if the wizard uses TRUE NAME or binding to bring the genie in???

sorry i was editing while you asked the above questions.

what i wrote is only for summoning and only via spells and effects that work like the 'summon monster Y' spell. other summoning spells might allow the wish, this should be checked by per spell or method used.

as i said in the edited post calling still allow the genie to use it's wishes but has it's own difficulties.
(again some calling spells might disallow it, check per spell and method used. if there is no limit mentioned then there is no problem)

do notice there is a whole deference between calling spells and effects and summoning. see the magic section for the exact details.

if you know his true name, then planner binding (along with a magic circle used to contain it, see magic circle against evil for more detail) would help compel it to accept the binder's orders. some retaliation should be expected if proper measures are not taken. (ether from the genie himself or from his lord\family if such is the case)

planner ally, which is normally a divine spell, doesn't work by forcing the genie so his true name is mostly irrelevant (beside proper etiquette), but it require compensating for the genie's services.

if you want a 'costless' spell like ability build that grant wishes (or the like) might i interest you with my build of 'Shenron the wish granting'.

at level 1 he can cast any 0 level spell at will as a response to a humanoid wish (including himself) and from level 10+ he gain spell like abilities and powers that some of which are based on spell that have material cost

level 10 among the spell-like he gain is bless water( making holy water spell which normally cost 25 gp)
level 14 gain resurrection
level 15 the prestige class semi Mircle ability.
level 18 miracle spell like ability
and level 19 limited wish spell-like (once per day and twice at level 20)

all of which at least once per day and at no material costs.

(a similar build using a cleric instead of oracle would gain the resurrection and miracle at levels 13 and 17 but would not get the limited wish at 1/day in 19 and 2/day in 20th)

greater binding can bring the genie and true name can bring the genie but does it hav to pay a cost for the wishes???

By default, you don't use material components or focus for spell-like abilities.

CRB: Magic Chapter wrote:
A spell-like ability has no verbal, somatic, or material component, nor does it require a focus.

An ability could specify adding one, but that would be an exception to the rule.

It should be possible to do this with the binding spells. Though by the the time you'd have greater planar binding, it's more popular to try this with the Simulacrum spell, also known as the sno-cone wish machine. Be prepared for your GM to shoot you down either way or twist those wishes in some way.

greater binding can bring the genie and true name can bring the genie but does it have to pay a cost for the wishes???

using the planner binding spells (lesser, normal and greater) is forcing the outsider to do your biding. you can make forcing them easier if you offer them stuff, but the general use of the spells is without giving the outsider anything beside his release in return. (there is some negotiation but this is more akin to kidnapping and forcing the outsider to work for you then anything else. the knowledge of it's true name is used to force it with it)

planner ally spells (lesser, normal and greater) are the one where you need to pay for their service and are more akin to outsourcing the work to contract worker then anything else.

when i was talking about paying for the wishes it was with use of planner 'ally' spells not planner 'binding' spells.
on the other hand when i was talking about the outsider taking revenge for mistreating him (or his family\master doing it on it's behalf) it was when using 'binding' to force it to work for you.

basically as i said in the other post the two calling spells groups - 'planner binding' and 'planner ally' each have it's own drawback.
the binding, since it force the outsider against it's will, bring the risk of revenge with it.
the ally, since it's a contract of semi-ethical work form, need to be paid for the service rendered.


now as a spell-like ability the genie never need to use any cash\diamond etc when using it's wish ability. but it will ask for a suitable cost if you called it with planner ally. (if you bind it and forced it to grant you a wish there is no gold cost to be paid, but you can expect some kind of revenge if you have not taken proper precautions)

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