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Society play returns to the University of Guelph in Southern Ontario April 14th and 16th. This is the first time since Covid shut us all down. Don't worry if everything looks full we're adding new slots.

All games are Pathfinder 2nd edition.

We already have 18 sessions and growing.

Sign up is here:

Please reply below if you are interested in GMing or running something else (like Starfinder).


2/5 *

We went from wondering if we could fill 2 tables per slot to now having 4 tables per slot, and we could probably have at least 6 tables if there were enough GMs!

Looking forward to it, it's been 4 years.

2/5 *

For one the first ever full blown Pathfinder second edition conventions in Ontario, we had a great turn out!

Lots of interest, we had 4 tables in most slots, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon (where we finished with 2 tables).

Next year we're looking to have 6-7 tables, with plenty of kid tables!

If you're interested in PF2, try reaching out to the Google group for Ontario PFS and hopefully we'll see a lot more local PFS in the future!

Maybe we should get a Facebook group? Just a thought!

Thanks again to Matt, Paul, Jeff, and the other great GMs and players that showed up, we had a great time!

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Call for GMs! July 15th Guelph game day!

This is a call for GMs! The Guelph Pathfinder Society is having a games day on Saturday July 15th and we need your help!

Please register below and let me know if you plan on GMing. I left the last table in each slot up to the discretion of the GM, they can run whatever they like.

If you’d like to GM and all of the tables have already been booked with GMs, let me know.


Welcome to the Guelph Pathfinder & Starfinder Super Game Days event!

The Guelph Pathfinder Society is hosting a games day on July 15th and we hope this will be an event we have every 2-3 months! This games day is graciously hosted by The Dragon, located at 55 Wyndham St N!

Pathfinder is a version of Dungeons and Dragons, and if you are familiar with D&D you'll also be comfortable with Pathfinder. While D&D 5E is easier to learn, Pathfinder has a richer variety of options to build your characters, while still being easy to play.

Our first games day will be held on Saturday July 15th starting at 9 AM and we hope to see you there! We welcome both new and experienced players! If you don't have a character, no problem, we'll have pre-generated characters at the event for you so you can try the game out and just have fun. We'll also have a table that will help you start playing Pathfinder on your own and will help you make a character.

GMs can signup now, player signups begin on Monday May 15th at 9 PM.

The cost per player per session is only $5 which will go back to the venue for hosting. GMs play for free.

Although we're currently featuring Pathfinder 2, we're also open to hosting tables of both Starfinder and Pathfinder 1 in the future if there are GMs!

Our games day needs GMs! So if you're a GM and can run something to help the community, it would be much appreciated! Our games day only exists because of you!

In future events, we hope to have more tables, expand to 3 slots, and perhaps even run a special event if there's enough interest!

If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, feel free to contact me.

Jason S

2/5 *

Shadow Gryphcon is October 21st and there will be 2-3 tables!

There is no preregistration. The GMs plan to run season 1 and 2 scenarios.

The first slot is 11AM-3PM, the second slot is 4PM-8PM.

Hope to see you there! (location in the link below)

Also, the next Guelph Game Day is set for November 25th! The first one was a huge success, so we want to continue doing it as a regular event. If anyone else wants to GM, we could always use the help!


2/5 *

The next Guelph Game Day is set for January 13th 2024!

There will be 4 tables per slot.

2/5 *

Gryphcon returns to the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, in less than 2 weeks! There are still some spots if anyone is interested, and GMs are always welcome.

3-5 sessions per slot, cost is less than $5 per slot.

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