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Nanocyte Question- Gear Array

I see it is a move action (or Nanocyte surge + swift action) to form your gear array and am of the understanding that until level 7, you can only have one item active at a time.

My question is, can the active form change freely or is it a move action or Nanocyte surge each time I want to switch? If it is the latter, many things seem to be too bogged down or many items won’t be active when needed.

Bogged down example:

Thruster Heels is a popular cybernetic choice I’ve seen online. If I have anything else active, say a azimuth lazer rifle, and I have to use a move action to switch to thruster heels, then another move action to actually move, then wait next turn to switch back to my weapon- it’s just too clunky. Plus I could just double move action instead of using thruster heels.

Not active when needed example:

Crash pad activates automatically when falling. If I am in gear array with anything other than crash pad active when entering the “falling” then it’s not available to use because it requires a move action to switch to it.

Is this bogged down, not active when needed perspective the correct way? Or can the items be changed freely so long as you have already used a move action to enter gear array?

Asked another way, is it a move action to switch between forms, or just to switch between arrays?

Thanks in advance for clarification!

its a move action to change it each time yep. (or swift+surge).
most of the time you priortizie one way or another. Either having it be your main attack weapon, w/ backup other choices. Or you have it being main gear and just back up weapons.
Typically you aren't meant to have it fulfil both. Because of the action economy. You don't form things on demand to use them that way like the thruster example.
Nor do you want it to be items that are passive on situation.

The gear array is really meant to do specific things. Not everything. Its why you can only have 1 thing out a time. But can have multiple choices of gear and minor gear.

Its free gear ultimately, and many at level. It isn't meant to replace you buying gear. Its mean to supplement it.

heck I only use Gear Array for utility stuff myself. It saves having random things to carry I rarely use and its nice upscaling over time with it too. Enough so that I went Eldritch Array to add more utility options. Nanite Strike is potent, and I dont much mind finding weapons to use

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