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Hello, I have questions about Bloom of Lamashtu.

Unlike the bloom curse contracted from secondary sources (as detailed in Chapter 5), there is no onset time for this version of the curse, and the creature spawned by the victim's death may be much more powerful and is always chaotic evil.
This creature is a chaotic evil low-intelligence beast or dragon (chosen by the GM ) of the same level as the dead creature.

For the choice of this creature is it only low-intelligence beast or dragon, is it right ? (no need of an chaotic evil alignment) The creature is only chaotic evil instead the usual alignment, is it right ?

Are there table to obtain the beast or dragon ?

Does low intelligence mean no bonus from score ?

The bloom cultis has the following ritual : 1st monstrous bloom

What is it ?

Is it possible to control a bloom of Lamashtu with impart empathy spell ? green empathy/tongue ? fungal hyphae ?

Thanks for your future answer.

That is a Unique ... I'm not even quite sure if it is a creature or a hazard ... from Kingmaker.

I know pretty much nothing about it because I haven't played that far in Kingmaker yet.

Well, we could always look it up here
but it's spoilery (even though I'm not sure I'd ever play Kingmaker on tabletop) and the questions are rather strange without any context.

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