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One of my PC's is a morally ambiguous doctor with the Eldritch Anatomist background. He's expressed interest in learning Fleshwarping and the party is coming up on the Labs level quickly, which seems to be the most opportune time to put it in as a mechanical reward (if it comes into play at all). I'd like to get some feedback on the idea I have so far.

I'm considering having fleshwarping function as a Create Undead ritual, except it produces creatures from the Fleshwarp monster family. To make it a little more unique/useful, since there are many fewer options for monsters, I'm thinking of adding the ability to use the ritual to also allow retraining Ancestry Feats or Heritages to or from Fleshwarp Feats/Heritages.

Fleshwarping an unwilling creature or creating a creature that's only purpose is suffering (such as an Irnakurse or Grothlut) is an Evil act.

I know that this will at least be balanced, but it feels a little bland still. Should I add the ability to induce mutagen bonuses/drawbacks? Cosmetic changes? Something else?

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