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I was working an Anunnaki from Bestiary 5 into the background of a major city in my campaign when I noticed something odd about their Mimetic Memory ability. For reference,

Stat Block wrote:
Mimetic Memory (Ex) As a standard action, an anunnaki can touch a willing creature to read and imprint upon that creature’s genetic memory as if both the anunnaki and its target were affected by a share thoughts spell.

I can't seem to find a spell called share thoughts. Does anyone have any suggestions about what spell I should use instead?

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Maybe they ment the spell Share Memory or Detect Thoughts

It must be a mistake of some kind, but unsure of the type. I'm not sure if it's referencing a spell that was never implemented, or if it's referencing an existing spell with the wrong name. There is no ability in the game named "share thoughts".

In context, my best guess would be that this was meant to reference the "Share Memory" spell.

Share Memory wrote:
You momentarily link your mind with the target and share a single memory of no longer than 1 minute. You can show the target one of your memories, show the target one of its own memories, or view one of the target’s memories.

They probably meant Share Memory.

What's really funny is that the text for Share Memory is so short. It would have been easier to just copy and paste that text.

Share memory sounds reasonable. Thanks for your help!

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