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Recently, I got into one of those situations.

A character, with a sling, it out of sling bullets. And instead of just being here doing nothing, he suggest using ordinary rocks.

In 1e, there was a fast rule about it (Ordinary rocks deal -1 damage) is there anything about that in 2e?

there's no rule for that, but mundane sling bullets are almost a non-issue, i'd let them just use them for free.

There's then the second part:

SILVER sling bullets costs 40GP the pack of 10.
So... throwing a sling coin would count as an improvised (-1 to damage) but still silver ammo?

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Improvised weapons have an attack penalty:
Source Core Rulebook pg. 278 4.0
If you attack with something that wasn’t built to be a weapon, such as a chair or a vase, you’re making an attack with an improvised weapon. You take a –2 item penalty to attack rolls with an improvised weapon. The GM determines the amount and type of damage the attack deals, if any, as well as any weapon traits the improvised weapon should have. Improvised weapons are simple weapons.

Personally, I would also reduce the damage to d2 for a coin, they really don't fly well.

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Most games that I have been in haven't bothered to track mundane ammunition quantities.

If you are going that route and tracking things that finely, I would probably allow picking up and slinging appropriately sized and weighted items as an improvised weapon. Assuming that the character can find them.

I wouldn't consider a silver piece to be an appropriately sized and weighted item to be used as a sling bullet. A silvered sling bullet is a regular sling bullet with a silver plating. Just like a silver sword is normally a steel core with silver plating. You could make a fully silver sword using high grade silver ingots, but it has quite a bit higher of a price if I recall correctly. I guess you could do the same for sling bullets, but it would again have quite a bit higher price than is normal.

There was an awesome thread on this a few years ago. It turns out slings are surpringly badass weapons that can make life miserable if you are unlucky enough to take one in the dome.

Here it is

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