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Lingering Composition: wrote:
You add a flourish to your composition to extend its benefits. If your next action is to cast a cantrip composition with a duration of 1 round, attempt a Performance check. The DC is usually a standard-difficulty DC of a level equal to the highest-level target of your composition, but the GM can assign a different DC based on the circumstances. The effect depends on the result of your check.

So does the extension of the duration only extend the benefits of the song - or the song itself?

Does the song "follow" the caster during the duration of Lingering Composition?
Without the need to expend any actions or concentration, it seems like it only extends the beenfits - but the composition itself is a performance - so it's hard to read their intent here.

I'm not entirely sure why you would need to make the distinction. But I believe that it is just the composition spell's effects that continue.

At that point it would run into the same problem that we have with Bless and other emanation effects that have a duration but don't have the Aura trait. Do they follow the caster around anyway (not needing the Aura trait), or do they stay in a fixed location once cast (which generally doesn't make sense)?

Technically the Composition spells have that problem already even without the multiple round duration. You can cast the spell and then immediately Stride twice and end up at least towards the very edge of the original border where the effect would originally end. Does the spell's area move with you or not?

Also, the Composition trait prevents using other compositions without ending the effects of a previous composition. So even if the performance isn't happening any more, you still can't start another Composition spell without ending the previous spell's effects - the one that you just spent a focus point to extend the duration of.

Any effect that masks your location - let's go with Invisibility for the sake of this discussion - might care if you've got "a boombox in your pocket"

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