Can Junk Bombs be poisoned? Does the poison affect those who take splash damage?

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As the title, I had been telling an alchemist in my party that they can apply injury poison to a Junk Bomb and the poison would hit everyone that took damage from the Junk Bomb.

However, after re-reading the rules on injury poisons I think I might be wrong. Specifically:

"An injury poison is activated by applying it to a weapon or ammunition, and it affects the target of the first Strike made using the poisoned item. If that Strike is a success and deals piercing or slashing damage, the target must attempt a saving throw against the poison. On a failed Strike, the target is unaffected, but the poison remains on the weapon and you can try again. On a critical failure, or if the Strike fails to deal slashing or piercing damage for some other reason, the poison is spent but the target is unaffected."

What's the correct answer here?

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Poisoning a bomb feels wrong, much like poisoning a grenade. Technically it seems okay as long as it's making an obvious P/S injury Strike to transfer the poison through. Junk Bombs do that, but even RAW, it's only that first Strike that deals the poison and its damage. So no, not via Splash damage. And multiplying a dose to get several targets and on the same attack? Hell no.

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I would allow it, however the Poison would only interact with the initial target of the bomb, not anything affected by Splash. The main issue here is that on a miss the poison is still wasted, as the weapon it was applied to is now destroyed.

Gotcha, okay. Having it only apply to the original target of the Strike on a Success or Critical Success makes sense RAW and RAI.

Thanks folks!

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