1E- Recruitment for Rise of the Runelords (AE) - starting at 7th level (Book 3)


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Hey all, I've never ever finished Paizo's 1st ever AP, never got past Book 2- had a TPK in the bell tower in Book 2 in a RL game. Oops! So I would like to fix that on the boards by starting at Book 3 and seeing how far we get. :) I am looking for 4-5 players to have some fun and enjoy telling a story together.

Character creation rules:
7th level
33,000 gp wealth level
15 point buy
Core/Base/Unchained classes only.
Core races only.
No evil.
Background skills in effect.
2 traits (1 must be from Anniversary Edition)- no drawbacks.
Tell me about your character's appearance and ties to Varisia (especially Sandpoint). Also, post your time zone. I am in EST.

I will hold recruitment open for a week. Any other questions, let me know.

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Dot for interest.

I have a PC in a game, which due to very good and unfortunate RL issues, stalled in book 3. I’d love to be a part of this. Thinking of a PC. Have a dragon disciple build I’ve always wanted to try…


Never have finished this. Was part of a hand-picked group doing weekly chat games (the GM, another player, and I had previously completed Jade Regent together, so I was very optimistic) and we STILL fell apart before completing it!

Don't think I want to rework that character, though. Was my very first experiment with a Shifter, actually. The character I originally created for this was a Varisian Rogue (not used with the chat group because one of the other players REALLY wanted to be THE rogue), born on the road as his parents were moving to Sandpoint. So, not QUITE a native son . . ..

This is that profile, actually. Will need to look it over and see about the rebuild to comply with your given rules.

I was a replacement player in a heavily modified (I think) playthrough that didn't get very far after I joined. I'd be interested in trying again though! I never got to play my favorite combo character unchained monk/ unchained rogue for very long so I was thinking of submitting one of those. 15 point buy is pretty lean but that's part of the fun right?

So I was thinking the monk part is more just him learning to fight bare handed and discovering some innate tricks. The rogue part is realizing dirty fighting and striking from hiding isn't dishonorable when you're fighting for your life. He was part of a Varisian caravan as a "performer" in the cover shows during the day and one of the second story workers at night. Slipping along rooftops and removing barriers for the rest of the team. They came across Sandpoint during the troubles and he couldn't help but try to assist.

His dusky skin and dark hair helped him blend into the shadows. His hair is usually tied back into a short ponytail to keep it out of his face. He wears plain clothes due to his background and finds the habit a tough one to break.

For the record, in also in EST time zone.

Interested. I’ve never gotten out of book 2, so this will be a nice jumping off point. I’m tweaking a druid character. I’m in EST.

Almost done updating.

Need to add a BUNCH of known languages.

If selected, will tailor the end of the background to deliver him to the starting point for this recruitment.

Went with the closest fit trait. Most of the benefit is meaningless, but the core of the trait's story works into the character's background. Never have been much of a fan of this trait set.

Central Time Zone, and all of my weekday posting will be after work, usually shortly before I head to bed.

natloz wrote:
So I was thinking the monk part is more just him learning to fight bare handed and discovering some innate tricks. The rogue part is realizing dirty fighting and striking from hiding isn't dishonorable when you're fighting for your life.

More than one way to skin a cat.

Sounds to me more like a Brawler than a Monk. Among other things, the Varisian caravan lifestyle isn't usually a haven for personalities in the lawful alignments. I'm NOT addressing lawful as law abiding, here, either. Yes, caravans have their organizational structure, but Varisians as a group are far more focused on individual freedoms than conformity. And your description of tricks he figured out along the way is not very formal training and dedication related.

Just an opinion. Not worth any more than you choose to value it.

Dotting with interest, I haven't made it out of book one yet!

I'm going to let inspiration strike me should have a baseline idea in the next day or so, probably a caster of some sort but not sure yet!


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Only ever ran through the first book of Rise of the Rune Lords... But you don't get the chance to make a higher-level character every day!

Dotting for interest, kind of torn between a more support-oriented Witch or a Mooncursed Barbarian.

I have an idea for an half-elf Oracle that I'm working on now. How will you be handling the events of book 1 and 2?

Player: Grumbaki
Character: Gaelssa
Race: Half-Elf (Sandpoint Native)
Classes: 1-4 (Enlightened Paladin) 5 (Archaeologist Bard) (6-7) Dragon Disciple

She should be a pretty good tank. High AC and good saves. For DPS though, she has STR 20, but only has BaB 5. I'm still playing around with the build, but it is about right for now.

Background, Appearance:

Galessa is a native of Sandpoint, born and raised in the town. Her family had fled to the city from Cheliax when House Thrune defeated King Gaspodar and took control of the Empire. Her family had been loyalists to the throne. Moreso, they had been devout followers of Aroden, and after his vanishing, Iomodae. When their native country fell into the worship of Devils, with the Church of Asmodeus becoming the official state religion, the family knew that they had to leave.

Sandpoint proved to be a safe haven. As the 'Light of the Lost Coast', the town was nearly evenly divided between those of both Varisian and Chelaxian descent. It was a quiet place to raise a family and to worship one's faith in peace. And it was there that Gaelessa grew up, raised on tales of her family's history, lost glory and forlorn heroism. She is but one of many in her house who has walked the path of Iomodae. Of Galessa, she is quite notably marked as having more than a trace of dragon blood, something not altogether uncommon in her family. When a child is born with bronze colored eyes, such as Gaelssa, and displays some sorcerous power, it is explained as being a blessing from Peace Through Vigilance a draconic servant of their goddess. Whether there is any truth to this is anyone's guess.

In this, she has proven to be a true heir of her house. From her bronze eyes, sharp features, intimidating size and budding sorcerous powers, her very being is proof that she is blessed by Peace Through Vigilance. In an attempt to fulfill her desire to live up to these tales, she first joined the Sandpoint Militia, and then took a full time position at the Sandpoint Garrison under Sheriff Belor Hemlock. It was only when the recent trauma facing Sandpoint erupted that she put in his resignation, so that he could follow the trail out of town as needed.

Appearance and Personality

Galessa would be, in the eyes of most, quite attractive. That is, if she were not so intimidating. Standing over six feet tall, and being far more muscular than most men who would consider themselves to be large, it is easy to see why many would feel wary around her. But she has never let stares or rude comments get her down. She is convinced that she walks the path of her Goddess and that it is her duty and birthright to live up to those ideals. While not an ordained paladin, she is nonetheless a holy warrior, and is always hoping to have the opportunity to live up to the ideas of the Inheritor.

While her life is, of course, dedicated to her goddess, Galessa's personal passion is in studying history. This began with fascination with her own family's history, and her efforts to trace it back as far as she could, and spiraled from there into a love of learning in general. Especially into ancient Thassilon and lost empires in general. Given her size and personality, it would be easy to dismiss her as a 'dumb fighter' or a 'meat shield.' And while she could easily fit that role, she would be the first to say that judging a person by their looks does a disservice to all.

Are Prestige Classes allowed? I'm considering a Westcrown Devil

Also, what about Samurai since it's considered a version of the Cavalier, a Base Class.

Alright, the vision that's coming to me is a familiar focused Spirit Binder Wizard so that's what I'm going with!

And I believe 'Dada is fully updated, except for tweaking his background story to end where this group will start.

Man knows the common human languages actively in use on Golarion, and a couple of more obscure ones, too.

Dotting for interest.

One question- with swashbucklers (and other hybrid classes) not on the approved list of options, are we allowed to pick archetypes for approved classes that include or mimic abilities that they get (like the daring champion cavalier, or a martial master fighter for a brawler, etc)?

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This is Pancakes submission. I'm still working on her build, but backstory should be done.

Lialda is a Spirit Guide Oracle with the Ancestors mystery, and the Shattered Psyche curse. This makes Giant Halfing's question above on archetypes relevant to me as well - I can make the idea work with the base class, but really liked the flavour and abilities I could get from the wandering spirit feature of the archetype.

Another question regarding build rules: are you allowing crafting feats, and if so, how do you want them handled during character creation: can some of our equipment be crafted, possibly up to the 25% increase in WBL according to the guidelines in Ultimate Campaign?


Lialda was born in Sandpoint to half-elven parents: Liam and Elsbeth. Liam inherited his elven father's skill in crafting jewelry and runs a small shop in town, while Elsbeth followed her human father's calling and joined the city watch.

Growing up, Lialda was always a good natured and curious girl, and while her unusual appearance did lead to some meaner comments from the other kids, she didn't let them bother her too much and had a peaceful and happy childhood.

That changed about five years ago, however, around the time of the Late Unpleasantness: Lialda started hearing voices no one else could hear, and suddenly knew things she had never studied before, or would get some supernatural insight into the outcome of someone's future actions. This lead most people to distance themselves from the girl, thinking her crazy, possessed, or both. Some of the more superstitious even began to whisper that Lialda was cursed and had brought bad luck upon the town.

With this state of affairs, the family considered moving oit of town, but the mayor and a few other close friends convinced them to stay and tried to contain the rumours surrounding Lialda. For her part, did her best to hide her abilities from the rest of the population. But it wasn't until a traveling Shoanti shaman wandered into town that she fully understood what they were.

The shaman explained that she seemed to have an extremely powerful connection with the spirits of her ancestors, who were the source of the voices and new knowledge she kept displaying. In the small time he stayed in town, he helped her understand her abilities and how to control them. As he was leaving, however, he left her with a cryptic messge: just as her abilities were tied to the past of the continent, her fate was deeply tied to its future.

Not knowing what to make of the Shoanti's last words, Lialda kept on improving her abilities. She has mostly learned how to tune out the voices, although it still proves somewhat difficult when she needs to concentrate, and she has managed to extract some pratical knowledge from some of her ancestors: her martial prowess with her chosen weapon, her magical knowledge and even bits and pieces of Varisia's ancient history. And she has also learned how to call on specific spirits to help improve her abilities for a limited time.


Like most half-elves, Liald inherited the beauty of her elven grandparents, but some of her features mirror the family driven chaos that regularly fill her mind: her vivid eyes have different colors, one violet and the other bright blue, each corresponding to one of her parents. And her mostly golden hair has some streaks of red and brown mixed in as well.

Does the limitation to core/base/unchained also apply to character options like feats, spells and gear?

This is a PC of mine who played through most of Book 1 in an excruciatingly slow-paced PbP (four years and didn't even finish Book 1). Diviner wizard, no archetype. Might switch things around to enter Loremaster at 8 (and potentially take the Secret of Magical Discipline feat).

I might be interested in modifying him to be Level 7, changing traits to Anniversary Edition, and dropping him to 15-pt buy (which, sadly, probably means I have to dump Str and Cha). To level him up properly, I would need to know the response to the crafting question (given the Scribe Scroll starting feat and the bonded item).

But...it was a painful slog to get through most of Book 1. Just so slow-moving. Really hoping to not do that again. I stick with games, but I like them to progress. And looking at your history, I see several games you ran that folded very quickly. @GM, do you think your situation now is such that you will be able to keep up with a game?

If things in your life have changed such that you foresee being able to see this through, I'd be happy to jump in.

This is the sheet Berrybunch made! I may or may not have taken advantage of the excuse to create a 7th level character to go all out. Seeing as we already had two melee entrees, and seemingly three different people interested in playing full casters, I decided to change gears.

So instead have a Primal Hunter Barbarian, primarily shooting, but can double up in melee if worst comes to worst! Monster Hunter, Survivalist, and socially awkward dork, Jennika!

Also, timezone is EST.


Jennika was not born in Sandpoint, though she considers Sandpoint far more her home than anywhere else. She frankly isn’t entirely sure where she was born exactly. Somewhere in the wilderness, that much she was certain of. One could say she was born to be an adventurer, her father, Chak, was an exiled member of the Lyrune-Quah and her mother, Kirva, was a half-orc adventurer. An enemies to lovers situation, if her father was to be believed.

Life was not easy for their little family. Most Varisians held a dislike for Shoanti and Half-Orcs, and Shoanti held deep hatred for half-orcs. Mixed with the little patience of her parents, they found themselves having to quickly leave town after town. Jennika’s childhood was a blur of arriving in a place, dealing with hostility, and just as quickly leaving. Brief stints in cities until they left again, and a lot of time spent in the wilderness. Learning how to be self-sufficient and live off the land.

This lifestyle had to come to an end when Jennika was ten, as her father suffered an injury that left him unable to move easily. They had to pick a place and settle for good. That place was Sandpoint. Using their money to buy a small home and shop in the town, they established their own small business. Her mother hunted, and her father used what she gathered to craft goods to sell. It wasn’t the most profitable business, but the pair settled down somewhat.

Jennika did not settle down. Jennika grew up traveling from place to place and being met with constant hostility. This was something that didn’t change in Sandpoint. A resentment and anger boiled under the surface, something her mother did her best to try and teach her to control. It was something she inherited from her after all. They went out hunting together often, as she tried to train her to channel her anger into ability.

It was this training that would ultimately lead her to gain a measure of acceptance in the town. After a particularly heated argument with her mother, she stormed out of the house to practice with her bow in the woods. Out in the woods, she heard a scream, and went to check it out. One of the girls from the town was surrounded by a small group of goblins, waving their dog slicers and tormenting the poor girl. Maybe it reminded her of getting tormented when she was younger. Maybe it was some inherent good in her. Maybe she was just mad and it was something she didn’t need an excuse to hurt.

Next thing she knew, she was waking up in her bed, her mother and a healer standing over her. They filled her in on what happened. She’d flown into a proper berserk rage, putting an arrow through one of the goblin’s heads before the others noticed her. A bloody brawl ensued, resulting in her driving them off before collapsing from blood loss. She likely saved the girl’s life, even if it put her own life at a massive risk.

Her parents were deeply proud of their daughter for managing to kill at least two goblins by herself. Even if her mother yelled at her for a solid hour about how dangerous it was. That girl she saved had left flowers to wish her a quick recovery. That one act of selflessness altered her perception in the town, at least somewhat. There were still those who’d hate her for who she was, but there were those who’d remembered what she’d done and would look past it.

It gave direction to Jennika’s life as well, where before there had been none. It was simple in her mind. If she hunted things that hurt people, then other people would like her. If she helped people, then they’d like her. She liked it when people liked her. So she redoubled her efforts to learn from her mother, reaching adulthood and becoming a proper hunter. Venturing into the wilds of Varisia, sometimes with her mother, sometimes without, in search of dangerous prey that threatened good folk.

It was a skill set that would prove valuable in the times to come, as a dark shadow started to loom over the small town she called home.


Jennika stands out at a glance, for the reason most people would expect. She’s a half-orc, and a tall one at that. If one got the chance to see her out of her armor and clothing, it’d be easy to note that her general build was different than what one would expect from an half-orc. There was obvious strength to her, but it would be a wiry strength fitting with her skinnier build. One wouldn’t be incorrect to call her gangly and awkward in build. Her face shows relatively little of her orcish heritage, small tusks and pointed ears, as well as her green skin. Not that she’d be pretty, with greasy black hair and harsh features.

Most wouldn’t see much of her though, as she prefers to keep herself covered at most times. Layers is the name of the game. A light cotton shirt as her first layer keeps the mail shirt from chafing her skin. A leather jerkin over top of that keeps the mail shirt from being too noticeable. Followed by a cloak to keep the weather off of her, and let her hide her helmet. A large backpack rests under the cloak, complete with hooks for her bow and greatsword.


Contradiction is the single word that best describes Jennika. On one hand, she’s an angry individual who’s still somewhat bitter about the way she was treated as a child. On the other hand, she’s desperate for people to like her, to be accepted. On the third hand, she’s a socially awkward outcast who has very little clue as to how to actually act around people. This results in a woman who has an incredibly difficult time in social situations.

Things become much simpler for Jennika once she’s doing her job. At that point, it’s simply a matter of getting things done. There is no need to worry so much about saying the right thing, or trying to get people to like her. It’s where she’s confident, knowing that as long as she gets the job done, people will be grateful for it. That her fellow adventurers or hunters will be appreciative of her abilities. Not that she’d be able to tell if they lied to her.

I am definitely interested as I've never finished it either - will submit a dwarven fighter (mutation warrior). Will work on the crunch and background.

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Thanks for all the interest. I am enjoying reading your concepts and tidbits, so I am intrigued. When I read your backgrounds fully, I will let you know any questions/comments, as needed. With regard to your specific questions:

Pancakes: The characters were not involved in Book 1/Book 2 events. Basic premise of start is that local officials have lost contact with Fort Rannick and hire you to investigate. By doing so, you become aware of the larger plot and the giant threat.
Laird: Samurai is allowed – as for prestige classes, they are generally allowed. Though the PC you referenced appears more thematically suitable to the CoT AP than this one.
Giant Halfling: Archetypes for allowed classes are fine even if they mimic abilities.
Pancakes: Let me get back to you on crafting feats. I have to think about it.
Andreww: No, limitation only applies to classes.
Wayland: Yes, I am dedicated to this game.

I think I got them all.

Jack Daniels wrote:
Laird: Samurai is allowed – as for prestige classes, they are generally allowed. Though the PC you referenced appears more thematically suitable to the CoT AP than this one.

Thank you. I think I can come up with something more fitting that that Devil Thief. :)

Okay, Wayland is updated.

His purchases may change a bit depending on your answer for the crafting situation - he has Scribe Scroll as a wizard, and he can upgrade his bonded item (ring) as if he had Forge Ring.

Timezone is EST.

Is making a character based on lightning damage a bad idea? I heard there are some giants...

And undead too, right? So not the best plan to go non-lethal/sneak attack either, I'm afraid?

Well, 'Dada's not a non-lethal/sneak build, but his best damage potential is all sneak.

But he's built to be the skill guy, not the beast-which-kills.

Know your role. Own it.

Alright, I haven’t actually built her out yet but I’m going to start putting together a halfling paladin (virtuous bravo) of Uskyeria (the Empyreal Lord of hunting and naps) with a bear companion (Uskyeria’s sacred animal). If it’s alright, part of her background would be that she was in Sandpoint for the Swallowtail Festival and participated in at least some of the events of book 1.

I should have the crunch done tomorrow and maybe the fluff, depending on how busy work is.

Working on aa build I have always wanted to play: 2 prestige classes actually, Spherewalker & Spheresinger. At 7th, he will be Ranger5/Spherewalker2, and his 8th level he can enter Sphere Singer. The Spherewalker prestige class was actually introed in Module 2, The Skinsaw Murders.

I am PDT, but most of my posting is after Last Call here in LA, so early morning EDT. I will have him posted shortly :)

This is Lucendar's submission - I am repurposing an old alias for my dwarf. Crunch is done - working on background as a giantslayer.

Dotting for interest, I had a game get to the third book! But promptly stalled out almost immediately after which was mildly disappointing. Anyways I’m EST.

I have a concept for a Unchained summoner; but it would involve using the synthesist archtype which technically isn’t on the unchained class. Obviously a bit of an ask but I know the unchained classes didn’t port everything over; ie see Umonk.

If that isn’t allowed I have a prebuilt Feysworn Inquisitor Half-Orc I would love to use that I made for a separate game.

Let me know what you think DM I should be able to put together something once I get word back.

I’m an idiot. I just realized that a bear isn’t one of the options with the animal ally feat. I’m going to look through the gods and see if there’s a different option that would be a good fit for a halfling paladin and has a sacred animal that I could actually get.

My ideas don’t seem to be working out in build so I’m going to withdraw! Good luck everyone!

I wrote something for Vetros Stormborn, Half-orc Magus. The crunch is still in my mind, I'm working on it.

Liberty's Edge

@Giant Halfling: Have you considered a Sacred Huntsmaster Inquisitor of Uskyeria?

Inquisitor gets you 'holy warrior', Sacred Huntsmaster gets you fuzzy bear. Pack Flanking and Outflank more than makes up for the BaB difference between a Pala and an Inquisitor. Spells like Divine Favor and Heroism can act as your sort-of Smite Evil, but cast on yourself and your bear.

Thanks for the suggestion, Crisis. I looked at a bunch of different options have decided to switch over to a paladin of Shelyn who fights with a glaive.

This isn't complete yet (I'm not finished shopping, haven't done the math for my combat stats, and have no fluff posted at all), but she will be GiantHalfling's paladin submission. Currently, she's set up for UMD instead of diplomacy, but I'm willing to change that if we need a face.

Crisischild wrote:

Hey, I like your avatar :P

Jereru wrote:
I wrote something for Vetros Stormborn, Half-orc Magus. The crunch is still in my mind, I'm working on it.

I forgot to add that my timezone is CET.

Background added, application should be complete. Good luck all!

I also forgot to post my timezone: EST

I have read the rules on the crafting feats and will allow them up to the 25% level in WBL according to the guidelines in Ultimate Campaign.

Okay, I have read some of the submissions and have the following comments:

Natloz: I would like to see a character sheet so to get an idea of the character's power level and skills.
Gudada: Your use of the Deft Maneuvers for Finesse Training confused me - that feat is from the Elephant in the Room rules I believe, which are not in effect.
Galessa/Grumbaki: Confident defense from Enlightened Paladin does not work with shields so AC should be modified.
Lialda/Pancakes: Would like to see a character sheet.

Jack Daniels wrote:

Gudada: Your use of the Deft Maneuvers for Finesse Training confused me - that feat is from the Elephant in the Room rules I believe, which are not in effect.

Hunh? I don't see Deft Maneuvers on the character sheet anywhere. He has the Feat Deft Hands, which is a bonus for a couple of skills, and thus not commonly taken because it neither does nor leads to doing damage.

In perfect keeping with my having advertised him as heavily skill focused.

And I had to stop and look, because previous versions of Gudada HAVE included Deft Maneuvers, so I considered it completely possible I had missed it somewhere. But it isn't reflected in the combat block, and isn't in the Feat list.

Edit: Found it. In the cut'n'paste on the class write-up! Oops. Guess I didn't check to see if the class reference block included EitR. I'll replace it with the base write-up from Nethys. Wasn't using it, as noted above.

Good catch! I’m embarrassed to have missed that. ill get it fixed

Vetros Stormborn is almost ready. Still buying some minor stuff and adding fluff details when something comes to mind, but roughly done. Now let's go with the judges' critiques! :P

Fixed! And made some changes that should strengthen the theme.


(1) No more shield. No more shield feats. Went into an Iomedae feat chain instead.
(2) Dropped tempered champion. It's been pointed out to me that Enlightened Paladin might be Iori only. I don't see any rules for that, but Tempered Champion would necessitate being used with unarmed strikes then, and I don't want to do that. I'd much, much prefer her to worship Iomedae. So to ensure that there weren't any RAW problems, I just dropped the troublesome archetype.
(3) Dropped bard. Mechanically it is *great.* +2 Ref, +4 skill points, and 8 minutes per day +2 hit and +2 damage. That's awesome. But...she isn't an archaeologist. So replaced it with a sorcerer level with draconic bloodline. It goes right into what she is supposed to do much better, and builds into the Dragon Disciple the way it was meant to be.
(4) She had been a half-elf. I admit that this was a mechanical choice, as it meant getting free low-light vision. But that was never really part of her character. I switched her to being a human instead, which just fits better. Burned a trait on "blood of dragons" for low-light vision. Not optimal, but it fits her.

So overall? Fixed the issue and tightened the build up to stay much more focused thematically.

I am in EST as well. :)

@Galessa- mechanically, it might not be exactly what you're looking for, but thematically, you can't do much better for a pally/dragon disciple than worshiping Apsu (the LG god of dragons and leadership). Just a thought, do with it as you will.

@GM- I'm going to do my math right now for Euda's combat stats, so hopefully next time you look her over she'll be ready for feedback (on mechanics, at least). Not sure yet if I'll get her fluff up today or not.

That was my original intent, actually! Was planning on a quarterstaff build with ascetic style. But it just didn’t fit the character background as well as Iomodae did.

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