Poracha Fulu-One trigger or nine?

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Poracha Fulu

Folklore from near the Forest of Spirits tells of the origin of the poracha fulu. Once, a traveler saved an eight-legged feline who turned out to be a poracha prince. In return, the prince gave the traveler a fulu that later prevented a fast-acting poison from slaying them. Traditionally, one wears a string of up to nine poracha fulus, which counts as one talisman. Each time you take persistent damage, one poracha fulu affixed to you negates the damage and crumbles to dust. This response is automatic, but you can use a free action (envision) to prevent your fulus from responding. If you do, any poracha fulus affixed to you never respond to that persistent damage.

I can kind of read it two ways, and was wondering which one is more correct.

My first reading of it was that each Fulu was a set of 9.

My third reading made me wonder if it was actually just an ability to stack multiples of these Fulus up to 9 times, while counting as a single talisman.

Asking another person, their first thought was stack but could see it being a set of nine as well.

Any insights would be appreciated.

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I believe that text is only to state you can have 9 of these fulus attached at a time, given that it refers to it as a plural item, and not a singular one.

Given that it lets you ignore persistent damage at your choice, it's a considerably powerful consumable that has essentially no scaling limitation, so it would make sense that the cost is per use, and not per set of uses.

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Yea its a singular item that you can stack up to 9.

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You can have a single Poracha Fulu. It will work once and then be consumed - after which you will have zero left.

You can also have a string of 6 of them. The entire string is still only one talisman - otherwise you couldn't wear all of them at once. When the trigger happens, only one of them will be consumed leaving you with 5 remaining.

You can make a string of as many as 9 of them and wear them all at once, but you will have to buy each one individually.

excellent, makes me slightly sad i can't avoid bleed more cheaply, but this seems like an overwhelming majority for one side. thanks all.

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