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So here's an interesting question: can the 'greater anchor' ability for the 'drift crisis' precog be used on themselves. For those of you who don't know, here is what the ability says...

Greater Anchor: Once per day as a reaction, you can recreate a localized Drift Crash of your own to disrupt the motion of a creature that begins its movement within 60 feet of you. After the creature completes its movement, you instantly teleport it to an unoccupied space of your choosing the creature could reach with a move action. You can’t move the creature into an inherently dangerous space, such as a surface that can’t support its weight. An unwilling creature can negate this effect with a successful Reflex save.

Technically, the precog is a creature that would begin its movement within 60 feet of itself, and would thus seem to qualify as a target for the ability (essentially allowing the precog to use a reaction once per day to teleport itself).

Does this seem correct, or am I misreading something?

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Seems right to me.

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