Happy GM's Day Everyone :)

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Happy International GM's Day

Hey all, today is March 4th, International GM's Day. Please celebrate accordingly. Today is the anniversary of Gary Gygax's death, and the official day that is celebrated as International GM's day. Gary Gygax, father to us all, died March 4th, 2008. His death was most expected after his two strokes in 2004, but he died in 2008. Honestly, my brethren and sistren, this loss will be felt by all, especially in our generation.

It is only honorable that we pay our respects to this man, but also we honor other GM's around the entire planet who keep his vision alive. This day, Today, is for ALL GM's who have ever served, and for all GM's currently serving, as well as all GM's who will be serving in the future.

RIP Gary Gygax, you've inspired millions. And the millions more will continue to inspire more.

Thank you so much.

What a great tribute!

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