Elven Mystic Theurge NPC stats layout.


I am building a important Elven NPC to be a advisor and mentor style character for PC's. She will be a crafter with a Cleric 3/ Wizard 5/ MT 3, this is set in my FR/PF mash up so domains currently don't really matter, I want my school to be Water. I am having trouble with their stats cause I have feats, items and major skills sorted, but the stat layout is bugging me. I am having them built using a modified point build, because of their importance I am using 18 points for them. I just can't work out their build. So if someone can help me out as its getting annoying, I want only one stat at either 8 or 9.

So help please.


If you make the NPC middle-aged, a stat spread of
STR 8 / DEX 14 / CON 12 / INT 18 / WIS 14 / CHA 10 would clock in at 18 points, and seems perfectly servicable for a Theurge.

Will this character ever accompany the party, or does it just sit in its tower giving advice? This makes a huge difference. If the character is ever going to accompany the party, it is going to need to be able to at least survive some combat. If this is the case dumping CON or DEX is not wise. If this is the case, I would use the following stats STR 9 DEX 14 CON 12 INT 18, WIS 14, CHA 12. Your 4th and 8th level stat increase are used for INT. The cleric spells are going to have pretty low DC so should be mostly support and healing.

If the character is just going to sit in a tower and give advice you don’t need to worry about physical stats that much. For this type of character, I would go with 8 STR 13 DEX, 10 CON 20 INT 14 WIS 12 CHA.

The character is supposed to be an advisor so having a little bit of CHA is going to be helpful on the social skills.

I have the possibility of having her dive in to help out during a major fight. So majority of cleric spells will be heals with some buffs. But I am thankful for the advice, I tried compairing the NPC Codex Mystic Theurges but only the 2 high level ones were wizards. So thanks for the builds, should help me going forward building MT's.



Divine Strategist trades Channel Energy for Master Tactician... this allows you to always act in the surprise round, and grants you a bonus to Initiative. Since this character is clearly not focused on specializing in Channel Energy, it surely does not hurt anything to trade the ability away for something more useful.

You could even take this a step further by choosing Divination as your Wizard's School... Forewarned would add to your Iniative bonus, and generally fits thematically [with Divine Strategist]. Again, you won't actually be benefitting much from whatever School you choose, so this mechanical benefit is probably just as good as anything else the character might gain from choosing any other School.

You have access to such a plethora of magics, you can pull off any theme you want by simply changing which spells this character prepares... you want a water theme? Prepare water-related spells, wear the color blue, learn Aquan as a language, have an amphibeous Familiar or something otherwise related to your theme.

Divine Strategist Cleric 3/Divination Wizard 5 gets you a +3 untyped bonus to your Iniative, and you can always act in the surprise round. As an Elf, you can take the Industrious Urbanite and Overwhelming Magic alternative racial features to start with Spell Focus, twice... that's right, TWO different Spell Focuses from the start. Although, the Lightbringer alternative racial feature can be combined with the Minor Wishcraft racial trait available to Geniekin (via the Adopted social trait) for infinite cantrips... all of them, access to literally any 0-level spell, whenever someone asks for it, limitless number of times per day...

hopefully you've reviewed the Class Guides @ ZG and a few threads on the topic.
As I recall for spellcasting reasons a cleric based Mystic Theurge is slightly better. Yes, it seems counter intuitive but I'd check it out as MT doesn't advance anything but spellcasting. Divine means no components for spells with components:DF and no scribing costs as MT uses the designated spellcasting method.
In FR Magic of Faerun is a must have and Attune Gem is very good BUT you have to review trigger conditions. There's also Elven High Magic...
I personally would avoid any negative ability score as usually it's not worth it past mid level. elven@18:[10,16{+2},10{-2},16{+2},14,11] or a more focused elven [9,16{+2},10{-2},18{+2},12,10] with Str being plugged at 4th level. Elves tend to have an extended lifespan but here are the Age Rules.
With MT Trait Magical Knack is important with Reactionary for +1 Rflx. I'd do extra traits to pick up metamagic cost reducing traits that can be retrained as they're Feat based just don't choose the same spell as that's tacky. Lastly Elven Curve Blade...
Magic Items: belt +2 Str/Dex/Con, headband +2/4/6 spellcasting ability score, amulet BO Aegis of Recovery then BO Spell Mastery(22k for 11k), cloak prot, Spellguard bracers, implanted ioun stones (pearly white cracked spindle, tourmaline sphere, dark blue cracked rhomboid)

Azothath wrote:


Magic Items: belt +2 Str/Dex/Con, headband +2/4/6 spellcasting ability score, amulet Aegis of Recovery then BO Spell Mastery(22k for 11k), cloak prot, Spellguard bracers, implanted ioun stones (pearly white cracked spindle, tourmaline sphere, dark blue cracked rhomboid), handy haversack, wands, etc

as an NPC a library and alchemy lab along with a local temple and access to masterwork craftsmen are very helpful.

A very rough stat block of my Mystic Theurge.
Name: Symrisa Winterglade
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Class/Level: Cleric3/Wizard5/Mystic Theurge3
Statistics: Str; 9 Dex; 14 Con; 12 Int; 18 Wis; 14 Cha; 12
Resistances: Fort;+6 Ref;+5 Will;+11 Init;+2
BAB: +5
Feats: Selective Channeling, Toughness, Scribe Scroll(B), Extend Spell, Spell Penetration, Craft Wonderous Item(B), Combat Casting, Dodge
Skills: Appraise +12
Craft(Sewing) +11
Diplomacy +7
Heal +11
Knowledge(arcane) +15
Knowledge(nature) +12
Knowledge(religion) +13
Perception +10
Sense Motive +11
Spellcraft +18
Cleric Spells:1st: Shield of Faith, Obscuring Mist, Entropic Shield, Cure Light Wounds
2nd: Aid, Lesser Restoration, Resist Energy, Sound Burst
3rd; Searing Light, Cure Serious Wounds
Cleric Domains:
Wizard Spells: Cantrips:Arcane Mark, Read Magic, Detect Magic, Ray of Frost
1st: Hydraulic Push, Shield, Magic Missle, Colour Spray, Unseen Servant
2nd: Protection from Arrows, Acid Arrow, Whispering Wind, Fog Cloud
3rd: Hydraulic Torrent, Dispel Magic, Haste, Heroism
4th: Ice Storm, Stoneskin, Lesser Globe of Invulnerability
Wizard School: Water
Combined Spells (1st), (2nd), Channel Energy(2d6), Channel (4/day), Arcane Bond(Ring of Protection +1), Water Supremacy(Su) +3, Cold Blast(Su)(1d6+2)(7/day),
Possessions: 19600
Combat Gear: (Symrisa's Silken Gloves: Bracers of Armour +2 Cure Light Wounds (3/day)8875(custom item)),
Gear: Ring of Protection +1, Masterwork Rapier, Masterwork Longbow, 20 Arrows, Amulet of Natural Armour +2

I haven't assigned a diety or Domains since it doesn't currently realy matter at the moment.


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