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Im playing in an upcoming Rise of the Runelords game, and need some help hammering out details before I start a build. I was going to build a summoner until reading the Realm of the Fey book recently released.

I want to make a shadowy Fey themed character attempting to return Count Ranalc to the First World. The group is outsider based so far, consisting of Aasimar, or Teiflings using a 20 pt buy. With that in mind, and in a non-pfs game, I would like to make a Rakshasa Blooded Teifling Unchained rogue. I debated going into Shadow Dancer, but I also want to try the Feysworn class. Is it worth dipping 3 levels of Dancer to get the Shadow Companion? Does it continue to progress if I dont continue through the Shadow Dancer class?

My group has a Paladin sword and board, Archery Ranger, and an unknown at this time. He hasnt made up his mind on character building. I normally play Magus crit fisher, but figured Id step out of my wheel house and try something else. Im open to ideas for builds, but I want to stay close to the Fey themed follower of Count Ranalc.

Fey trickster mesmerist?
Fey speaker driud is very flavourful

"This shadow has a number of hit points equal to half the shadowdancer's total. The shadow uses the shadowdancer's base attack bonus and base save bonuses."
That would progress without the shadowdancer class, mainly because it doesn't get any other abilities.

Your party sounds really light on magic. If you do go with an unchained rogue you'll probably want to invest a bit in use magic device so that there's someone who can at least use the necessary scrolls to heal various conditions. A shadow mystery oracle with the seeker archetype could fill the rogue role too if you're willing to fill the magic gap more directly.

It's not much like your idea, but there was a guy messing around with a build for one of Count Ranalc's followers here.

Liberty's Edge

There's also the eldritch scoundrel archetype, which trades essentially half the rogue features for 2/3 wizard casting.

RAW you can play an unchained version, since unchained is backwards compatible with rogue archetypes.

Also depends what you want out of rogue - and as mentioned above oracle, bard, or another class would work just as well.

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