Whats your favorite locations in Starfinder?

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I really like Outpost Zed from the second book of Against the Aeon Throne. Love how alien it feels with all the strange NPCs

Second Seekers (Ehu Hadif)

I have a few faves:

Tabrid Minor: The first SFS mission that earned me a non-core race boon was here, and I find the copaxi and their world fascinating. It's also where my SFS operative started to figure out a second career as a contact specialist.

Salvation's End: This place just gets weirder the more times you visit it, and more dangerous to match. My operative first came to Zo!'s attention here, so part of her celebrity will forever be tied to this place.

Burning Archipelago: I haven't had a PC visit it yet, but the write-up in Pact Worlds has inspired some key pieces of a "we need to go inside a sun" adventure I'll be running later this year in another RPG system.

And this one is still fairly recent (#4-05), so gets a spoiler:
Skadia, from "A Waltz Through Myriad Worlds": I was in the SCA for some years after college, so this mission was doubly amusing for me. It's also the mission where I figured out some key details of my musician icon's ouevre. Shelyn smiled on him that day!

Absalom station as the Starfinder team could really go crazy with this, think Ab City book like for PF II!!

be super ncie to have a very fleshed out home base or starting point, just like in the PF I days of Sandpoint, upscaled more than a bit though, LOL


Scarab Sages

Akiton. Love the aesthetic of the dying red planet, plus there are a ton of adventure sites, and Elder Things trapped in the ice at the poles.

Second would be Daimolko because Kaiju.

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I think Burning Archipelago for me.

Liberty's Edge

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Akiton, Salvation's End, and Absalom Station so far.

Sign me up for a beach house on the Sea of Teeth near Candares.

The Halls of the Living on Eox. Where else could you host a deadly game show that allows crowd-funded resurrections?


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Love the idea of crowd-funded resurrections, I'm sure others bragging rights for who has been resurrected the most on Eox. If your fan base is fanatic enough, they might even resurrect you against your will. Or if you meet your extended crowd-funding goals you might get new augmentations on top of getting resurrected.

It's something I've considered a lot. XD

It just seemed like a good way to let showrunners have their cake and eat it too- having a deadly show is one of the few selling points they can consistently hold over Pact Worlds competition, but it does look bad and get the shows banned in a lot of places. You can both blunt how bad that looks and increase fan investment by allowing them to cover the cost of resurrection... with a little mark-up to make it worth the trouble. And maybe that markup goes up each time, just to keep things interesting.

It also seems like it has some side-benefits- providing a larger pool of people willing to sign up, because they can be confident in their ability, their popularity, or astroturfed "fan" donations from rich family, and also providing a way to get good performances out of people even if they're losing. A good performance is now the last lifeline, rather than the first thing to get tossed out if things go bad.


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Absalom Station.


QuidEst wrote:

It's something I've considered a lot. XD

** spoiler omitted **

I think the idea of crowd-funded resurrections, or even corporate-funded resurrections could easily go beyond just being used for Eoxian blood sports. If a band as big as Strawberry Machine Cake died in a starship accident. I could easily see fans paying for a resurrection, or if the band is still under contract with a record label, the label might see paying for the resurrection as cheaper than the loss form future record sales. It might even be part of a contract. I could even see a record label cloning a band so they can play more live shows at one time.

After playing Tarnished Legacy: Star Sugar Superstar!!! it seems even more likely that bands or record labels might want a resurrection clause in a contract.

Yeah, definitely. If it's a less popular band without that kind of clause, maybe the label puts out a compilation of unfinished work, and if it earns enough the band is brought back and finishes everything on the compilation for anyone who bought it.

Probably a pricey insurance policy you can get, too.

Cloning might be hard, though - the description of the quantum clone claim a duplicate of someone with the same age/memory/skills is something that some people claim to be able to do, but mostly happens through accidents.

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