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Hello! I am new to both DnD and Pathfinder 2e, I am trying to build an Air Skyborn Tengu Sorcerer with Storm's Lash. I am struggling to understand what class feats and general feats are useful to my character. I am trying to have my character know as many spells and have as many slots as possible, but the sheer number of options makes my eyes gloss over and I get overwhelmed. Any tips on what to look for in feats to figure out what is useful?

General feats are general. You pick them if you like where they say they do.

Do you want more HP? Toughness gives you 1 extra per level

Do you find you at in difficult terrain a lot? Feather step let's you take 5 foot step in it.


As for spells, your are a full caster and sorcerer are tied with wizard for most spell slots.

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Build a character first and a stat block second. PF2 doesn't really support maximizing one particular thing. There are hard limits on the upper end. And on the lower end for important things too, but people don't usually complain about that.

Elemental bloodline (Air) yes?

There really aren't any ways of increasing your spell slot count in-class. You could take a multiclass archetype like Oracle or Bard to get more lower level spell slots that share your spellcasting attribute. Or Druid or Witch to get more lower level spell slots that share your spellcasting tradition and proficiency.

As a sorcerer you can learn as many spells as you want to spend the time and money learning - but you can only have a few of them in Repertoire and ready to cast at a time. The feat Magical Shorthand can help with failures on learning spells. Again, there are very few options for actually increasing that Repertoire size.

Primal Evolution does give you an additional spell slot, but it is very limited. And summoning spells are not overly powerful. Use with caution, and understanding of the fundamental math of the system.

As for tips on what you should be looking for:
Look for things that have good effects on success or even partial effects on failure. Don't rely on critical success for usefulness of the feat or ability. Crit's don't happen reliably.
Look for things that give you standard levels of competency in something new. That is often more useful than trying to double down and squeeze a minor niche benefit in something that you were already capable of doing. The difference between unable and able is a lot bigger than the difference between able and great.
Look for things that let you do something without rolling for it.
Look for things that let you do more with fewer actions.

Also see if you can find something that gives you a reaction.

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Put the bulk of your class feats towards multiclass, snag primal evolution, and you're pretty much done for maxing slots. Note that multiclass slots will likely have lower DCs because of either your key stat or proficiency, so don't use them for offensive spells with a save.

If you want to max spells known, going with an arcane bloodline will let you take Arcane Evolution, which let's you get a spell book like a wizard and add a single spell from it to your repertoire each day. Magical Shorthand will help you know more spells in this case.

For skill feats, feats like Recognize Spell will be appropriate, but beyond that you can do whatever. Ancestral feats can give you a few more spell options, but mostly cantrips. General won't impact your spells at all.

Captain Morgan wrote:
Magical Shorthand will help you know more spells in this case.

Clarifying: I think Magical Shorthand will help in learning spells in any case. Having a spellbook is not required for the feat to work.

general feat was a mistake to ever put into the game

just take fleet toughness and canny acumen at different level depend on need at the time

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Class feats: if you want all of the slots, pick caster multiclasses. If you like enchantment and illusions, captivator is great, though it grants innate spells, not slots (albeit at a significant advantage in progression rate compared to multiclassing). Cathartic caster is also good for more slots. If you have a specific role you want to do (like healing, damage, etc), it might be better to instead try to poach focus spells than slots.

For a primal sorc, I recommend Cathartic Mage, Capivating, Witch (good focus spells for support), or druid (also good focus spells, but they lean more offensively)

General Feats: IMO, Toughness and Canny Acumen are auto picks. I also like Keen Follower for noncombat stuff. Prescient Purchase is bleh, but the followup feat, Prescient Consumable, is great; plus if you need another slot, you can buy a "slot" between fights, if nothing else. You can also use general feats to pick up skill feats; depending on your playstyle, these can be handy!

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