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@Jereru: We actually have *three* clerics already submitted (Gideon Stormarrow (Tempest Domain), Orrlis Sunmane (Life Domain), and Isagoras the Light (Light Domain)), so I think you were probably better off choosing the Sorlock.

To all applicants, I echo Jereru's wish: best of luck!

Well, yeah, but there was one at the time :p

Scarab Sages

Actually, there were two. Gideon came in 2/7, Orrlis came in 2/8, you came in 2/10, and Isagoras came in 2/11. :p

But I'll admit, Orrlis sort of snuck in there, and the applicant didn't have any other posts besides his application (I don't think). And there were quite a few posts between Gideon's app and yours despite the fact it was just a few days of RL time. Easy enough to see how you might have missed either one.

Either way, best of luck to you. I've never seen a sorlock played before, so if we're both selected, I'll definitely be interested to see what one is capable of.

My first post was on 10/02 because I had to put the Sorlock in the alias (which I do manually, with links, etc, so it usually takes me one or two days depending on my free time and access to my computer).

In any case, let's see what Luck brings us.

This is Kere, posting for the first time as Mell.

Without meaning to, Jer, you just nudged me to learn how to create a character profile in the Alias section of the Alias tab of my Paizo profile page.

Been wanting to figure out how to do that, since I've put other characters under Organized Play even though I don't do organized play. So thanks for that!

Dark Archive

Good luck all!

Whenever there's game I especially want in on, I feel obligated to expand more on the eternal question of "Are you a good fit?" It seems, to me, that this is most important when entering into a standing party. Hence, I think that there are two fronts to this particular answer:

Why I'm a good fit as a character:

I touched on this in my Philosophy spoiler, but I always thought it was important that a character can do two things: That is, to deal damage, and to mitigate and/or heal damage.

The Light Cleric seems to be a very good answer to that. Not only can it heal damage with all the aplomb of any cleric, but it also has access to two of the best offensive spells in the game. Fireball is, of course, the gold standard of attack spells, and that answers the Crowd Control question. On the reverse side of that coin is Faerie Fire. It works on crowds, true, but it's just as fine if the party is facing one large boss. It's a wonder how quickly something can go from scary to not-scary once all attacks are at Advantage.

So too, I took Inspired Leader, which, at level 6 with a minor Charisma and 6 party members, accounts for 42 points of damage that we just don't have to worry about. That's like an extra 6 1st level Cure Wounds spells that everyone starts with.

Lastly is the 6th level Light power, where I get to Flare but for other people. The Big Bad Booty Daddy just got a crit on you? No, he didn't. =-D

Why I'm a good fit as a player:

With over 15,000 posts you know I'm not going anywhere. ^_^ Also, I've found that I myself prefer to recruit people with GM experience, and I'm GMing a Savage Worlds Rifts game right now. (I'm always looking for players, if anyone is interested.)

And as far as notable posts, well, someone called me their MVP forever.

It's been said that my talent at weaving scenes together makes people jealous as hell, I'm a favorite player, I make the game, and GM's will single me out for amusing the hell out of them, and that my posts drip with flavor.

(And this one time two girls, whom I did not know, were discussing the fashion choices of my character. =p)

Of course I say this not out of hubris. It's just always good to collate data. =]

Officially calling this request for submissions closed. I’ll look over the applications and reach out to our choices within the next couple of days. I will also post here when the spots are filled. Thanks everyone for your attention and ideas.

Due to a busy weekend, there’s been a bit of a delay on me getting a chance to look at applications. I just started tonight so it may be another day or two before final decisions are made.

I am going to op out of this one. I had intended on making a background for Orliss but have been busier than I thought.

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