Druid (?) companion question - theme important


I have a character that is an Elf. He already exists in-story, but never had been given a character sheet, and I'll be playing him soon!

So, here's the given elements.

* Must be an Elf with a falcon or hawk (or possibly eagle) companion
* Must be proficient in longbow and light armour at least
* Fairly decent knowledge skills for his low level
* Must know (at least basic) healing spells
* 25 point build, so suboptimal race choices are no great concern. We don't really min/max.
* One archetype per class only.

Any Elf obviously can be proficient with a bow, although Eglariel's a bit of a voluntary outcast of Elven society. He also thinks of his avian companion as an intermediary with the spiritual forces that grant him his magic. It'll be tempting to give it some sort of celestial template later, or even have it become a sun falcon.

My first though was druid, with the Feathers subdomain. The Eagle domain gets a familiar instead of a companion - saves a feat for Boon Companion - but that makes it a lot harder for it to become a battle option, I think. Granted, I've never tried to have a familiar fight. Archetype-wise, I like Season Sage (I don't see wild shape as being in-character). I'd love Feyspeaker - except that it's fey! Eglariel's a spiritual type, not someone to lean on fickle and mostly unknowable aliens. Feyspeaker makes the bow also a mostly pointless thing beyond the very low levels, but I can live with that. I love archery, but he's primarily a caster.

Oracle has a lot of good flair, although the more Elrond-leaning thematics might not gel so well with a high charisma. Cleric is too organised - he believes in finding your own spiritual path, even if you may well end up with the same patron as someone who does that through a church.

What is there in shaman that might work? I've never really looked into them. Wizard has issues with the healing side of things, and since it looks like Eglathiel will be the only real caster of the group (otherwise paladin, monk and vigilante), I want access to condition-removal without UMD required. Paladin mercies can help, I am sure, but I'd rather make sure I can cover the "support" role - which I enjoy, truth be told.

Any opinions and/or suggestions for me to look at? Thank you all in advance.

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what about the hunter class? courtly hunter might not fit, or might. idk, just listing options

theres also

maybe the totem guide archetype for the animal companion, or maybe the precocious companion

sacred huntmaster inquisitor could also work

Both Hunter and Inquisitor wouldn't have the spellcasting I want as the only caster in the group. The paladin's too restricted to really compensate for having an inquisitor instead of a 9-level caster.

Mind, I love Inquisitors (having played two of them for a good while), but they cannot carry the spellcasting burden, especially where it comes to things like Dispel Magic.

Having said that: the Totem Guide archetype looks pretty good; I had not been aware of it. Thank you!

You mentioned Boon Companion. Why? A druid's animal companion is fully leveled without it. Are you planning to multiclass?

Heather 540 wrote:
You mentioned Boon Companion. Why? A druid's animal companion is fully leveled without it. Are you planning to multiclass?

If I go with the Eagle or Feather domain, I gain domain spells - and a bird companion at druid level -3.

I feel like I recommend this too often these days. But anyways…

Nature Fang druid with the eagle domain. Gives you a hawk familiar, and as an elf you can be quite good with a bow.

If the hawk needs to be bigger, you could give it the mauler archetype.

I ended up going shaman (witch doctor). The archery will be for show only, but I am ok with that. Nature Fang druid did look good, but in the end, I felt that a prepared spellcaster healer needed channeling, since there is zero PC item crafting and I expect wands to be not automatically available.

If you are going life shaman, then you should add the protector archetype to your familiar, since life spirit familiar has fast healing 1.

Melkiador wrote:
If you are going life shaman, then you should add the protector archetype to your familiar, since life spirit familiar has fast healing 1.

Not a bad idea, although that is a little odd, since it's an osprey!

Also, personal opinion, but witch doctor archetype is a trap if your base spirit is life. You'd usually be better off to just take extra channel a couple of times. If you don't main life though, it can be good for qualifying for channel feats.

You could lean really hard into channel energy by maximizing Charisma and taking VMC cleric. With the witch doctor and life spirit combo you would have 3 separate non stacking channel energy features. If you took this feat “Beacon of Hope

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 207
Your hope inspires allies in their struggles.

Prerequisites: Channel energy 3d6, worshiper of Milani.

Benefit: When you channel positive energy to heal living creatures, those you heal gain a +2 morale bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, and skill checks for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1 round).”

You could use your channel energy to buff the party as well.

Milani also has Protection as one of her subdomains so you could take Variant Channeling: Protection to buff your party’s AC as well.

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