I'm looking for a scenario that features Eando Kline's office

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Is there a scenario that has a good description of Vigilant Seal Head Quarters?

I am running some Dark Archives casefiles in PBP for Outpost, and I'd like Eando to be the main quest giver. It's nice to be able to provide some setting detail in PBP.

(And if he doesn't haven an office, that would be good for me to know. So far I have seen him operating out of field tents and briefing rooms in other lodges.)

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If he has an office (in the sense of a room in a building), he has to date not been depicted in it.

When he operates out of a tent (as opposed to sending his orders by letter) it's not just any old tent but "a large pavilion, easily identified by its pennants as belonging to Eando Kline" (#4-04).

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Maybe I'll just do a tent, since that tent has appeared multiple times.



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Personal headcanon imagines that if Eando has an office, he doesn't spend a lot of time there, as he's so used to being in the field.

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Thank you, Alex. Now I have to decide where that tent is pitched for the mission briefing.... Decisions, decisions.

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