Which class for ranged?


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I'll take a look at it.

Anyway, taking just one level of Warpriest will net me this:

1: PBS, DFT, Weapon Focus
3: Precise Shot
5: Startoss Style
7: Startoss Comet
9: Startoss Shower
11: Rapid Shot (By this time I should have a sharding weapon so no need for Quick Draw.)

I think I'll go with the Liberation blessing Chell suggested. The minor blessings for Desna aren't all that amazing and it seems like the best choice.

I think going up to level 11 in feats is enough for now. Now I just have to pick out traits and write out the sheet.

Grand Lodge

> I don't mind suggestions for another class that's not on the
list, but I would prefer it still fit the theme of wild or uncivilized.

LTTP, but what is wrong with a Kineticist? He starts with 30' range and can get 120' extended range easily.
He can also pick up Kinetic Blade, Kinetic Whip and/or Kinetic Fist to act as a switch hitter.

Depending on the element chosen, he can fly or heal. He also has access to Walls and AoE blasts.

Nothing's wrong with it, I just like the Oracle better for the theme.

I forgot I still need to pick out the revelations. With the Lunar Mystery, I can take Primal Companion at level 1 and Prophetic Armor at level 3. As mentioned before, the rest of the revelations aren't that great. But would a different Desna mystery be any better?

Honestly you’ll run into the same issue with the Heavens Mystery too… you’d want Coat of Many Stars and then you’ll see many of the same revelations from Lunar filling up the rest of the mystery… and Solar is just kinda meh… Desna has some poor choices for Oracle Mysteries… personally I’d stick with Lunar, Primal Companion outweighs all other revelations for Desna in my opinion.

Oracle of Heavens has some decent combat revelations. Awesome display boosts the efficiency of a lot of your mystery spells. Shooting Star gives a fairly decent fire attack. Interstellar Void gives a cold attack that debuffs the target at higher level. Dweller in darkness is a save or die effect.

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