Vrock & Dance of Ruin.

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The Dance of Ruin ability requires 3 actions and states "The Vrock dances in flight..."

Does that mean that a Vrock must be flying to use the ability? If so then the Vrock will automatically fall after using Dance of Ruin as it doesn't have any spare actions use a Fly action to hover.

This reading doesn't make much sense, given the rest of the abilities description about running it over multiple rounds. But then why mention dancing "in flight?" Flavour, possibly - but as it literally can't be used as written while in flight it seems a poor description.

Is the ability perhaps missing additional detail about allowing the Vrock to hover while using Dance of Ruin?

I can see three ways of reading that ability. Only one of them makes sense.

1) The 'dances in flight' line is misleading flavor. The Vrock uses the ability while not flying so that they don't fall.

2) The 'dances in flight' line is a requirement that the Vrock is flying and the 3 action cost means that they fall out of the air immediately after using the ability - which prevents them from continuing to use the action on their next round.

3) The 'dances in flight' line is a requirement that the Vrock is flying and causes the action to have Fly as a subordinate action.

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I think 3 is the most reasonable interpretation. They have to be in flight already, and dancing for three actions keeps them in the air.

Also notice that Dance of Ruin has the Move trait, even though it doesn't travel any distance. I think that's your implied 0ft fly action right there.

Thanks for the response - I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious.

In the end it comes down to a group callas to how DoR works: it has to be performed on the ground; it has to be performed in flight but it allows the Vrock to hover; it can be performed on the ground or in flight and if performed in flight it allows the Vrock to hover

A bit like the Vrock's Attack of Opportunity - it can make a single attack but if it's in flight it can make 2 talon attacks instead.

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I remember the first time we ran into a vrock, we didn't have many ranged options or reach weapons. And it was higher level than us. So it could basically hover over the casters and pin them down with the thread of double nasty AoO.

I'd say they're a kind of milestone enemy. They're a sign that you're now high enough level that you have to start being prepared for really serious flying enemies (like dragons!).

Next time we ran into it my cleric had Mobility (to get out from under it), the fighter had a cold iron dagger with shifting rune to turn it into a whip, and the rogue had a shortbow and cold iron arrows. This time instead of being a miniboss the vrock was just an add for the main book boss. It got smoked with extreme prejudice.

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