PF2e Short Campaign "Garden of Titans" Recruitment


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Garden of Titans
Campaign Ruleset & Overview
Pathfinder 2e
Start level 1
All ancestries allowed
Low magic
Martial classes only
TBD after session 0 & availability is discussed
Wednesdays between 2pm-4am E.T. will be session availability
Will play weekly until the campaign is over 4-5 weeks in total
Session Info
4-5 sessions lasting around 3 hrs
4 Slots available
Sessions will start ASAP, same with session 0 once I have 4 players
Important Information
Game will be played using foundry
Expect players to be on time, engaged & prepared
New players to PF2e are welcome!
Short campaign will end in 4-5 sessions
Understand your character please
Have a clear mic without background distractions
Homebrew world setting & theme, but RAW pf2e rules and everything else
All games are recorded & published via YouTube
Theme Tags
Gladiators, Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Prisoner
Contact Info
Discord Rennoc #1994
Join Capula Discord
Campaign Description
Individuals have been taken from villages, cities, towns and homes without a care. Nearby a vibrant dense forest area known as The Garden looms over a small region with many old tales. One tale known by all, once a person enters the forest, they are gone forever. This is where your story starts, taken from your life before. Captured and transported through the dense jungles, holts and woods to a place only known by one name, The Garden. Now, further than any tale has talked about. A slave and prisoner to an unknown region, where you must do all that you can to survive and gain freedom. Relish with other prisoners and slaves the gladiatorial pits or the political intrigue of rival backstabbing families searching for power. Do anything to keep your freedom alive. Choose your own path to break the chains, piles of blood stained bodies or providing and selling rare oddities. All in hope for a better day where you can become free once again from the “Garden of Titans”

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