Best Bonded Holy Symbols


What are some of the most optimal choices when it comes to crafting magical items onto your Ecclesitheurge holy symbol/divine focus?

AoN wrote:
At 3rd level, an ecclesitheurge forms a powerful bond with a holy symbol of his deity, which functions identically to a wizard’s bonded object except it can be used to cast cleric and domain spells (instead of wizard spells) and the ecclesitheurge can grant his bonded holy symbol only magic abilities appropriate for a holy symbol or a neck slot item. As with a wizard’s bonded item, an ecclesitheurge can add additional magic abilities to his bonded holy symbol as if he had the required item creation feat (typically Craft Wondrous Item), provided he meets the feat’s level prerequisites. For example, an ecclesitheurge with a bonded holy symbol who wants to add a wondrous amulet ability, like amulet of natural armor, to his bonded holy symbol must be at least 3rd level to do so. The magic properties of a bonded holy symbol, including any magic abilities the ecclesitheurge added to the object, function for only the ecclesitheurge. If a bonded holy symbol’s owner dies or the item is replaced, the object loses all enhancements the ecclesitheurge added using this ability.


By taking the Birthmark or Holy Tattoo trait(s), you treat yourself as your own holy symbol.

I'm not sure what the best options are for magic holy symbols. Most of those are specific to a deity.

If you choose to treat it as a neck slot, I imagine most people just go with an amulet of natural armor, since that's what the slot is usually used for.

I guess the advantage of going with treating it as a holy symbol is that most of those items are slotless.

Yeah apart from the cast anything on the cleric spell list once per day, its magical quality benefit does seem to be lacking

Brilliant Flash Symbol
Malleable Symbol
Recondite Holy Symbol
Symbol of Luck
Symbol of Sanguine Protection
Talisman of True Faith

I have a Wyrwood Ecclesitheurge of Elion with the Alien Orgins, Pathfinder's Focus, and Sacred Orienteer traits... You start play with a unique compass that doesn’t point north and is riddled with indecipherable alien markings, you can select a compass for your arcane bond class feature, and any compass or wayfinder in your possession also functions as a holy symbol of Elion. Since the Pathfinder's Focus trait allows you to later spend 250 gp to upgrade your compass into a wayfinder, variant wayfinder, or unique wayfinder per the normal rules for improving magic items... and Wayfinders have ioun stones... and Wyrwoods have ioun stones... and Ioun Resonance... nevermind.

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