What determines Reflection's true form

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Especially for clone risen who can use replicate and morph risen.

For morph risen, can strong ego be a reason?

I don't understand. What do you mean by 'true form'? None of the Reflection heritage lineages are, mechanically, under a permanent polymorph or shape change effect. Morph-Risen has a bit of that flavor (and may be another way of playing the game as a dog), but it isn't a polymorph effect.

So their form is their true form. Just like every other character that doesn't have a shape change or polymorph ability.

As long as that's out of illusion / transmutation?

Laclale♪ wrote:
As long as that's out of illusion / transmutation?

I too don't understand: you aren't under any spell or effect anymore. You ARE what you are so True seeing sees YOU: it doesn't matter HOW you got to be you, but you are what you are. So:

A Clone-Risen shows you as you. A Mirror-Risen shows you as you and a Morph-Risen shows as you. A True Sight only matters is you turn into something other than your normal Reflection self.

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