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I often refer to the alignment table when expressing my opinion on another people's play styles. players and Game masters all play in a style that fits they alignment. some color inside the lines some don't really care, and some change the lines and color where they in their own opinion color where it should be colored. Lawful people color inside the lines, Neutral people don't really care as long as it is fun. and chaotic people play to have fun and if changing or altering something to make a more amusing or entertaining game they will.

Not to say that a lawful person does not wish to change something to make it more fun or more entertaining, but they will ask first as where a chaotic will just change it and ask forgiveness later if caught. mind you this is just my misguided opinion.

Ravingdork made a point I was making as I was thinking of the whip in more than just a weapon to attack and do damage with. I color outside of the lines and to some appear to be an anarchist. the whip could be considered a theatrical prop used in a performance to distract or intimidate. It can be used as a rope to swing from a beam to avoid getting killed by a giant boulder. If you really think about it a whip could be used to seduced or could have a positive bonus to one's charisma as an accessory to one's black leather armor, stylish boots and leather gloves completing an outfit ensemble.

To fix the lawful good player I could just use my free general feat for Weapon Proficiency "You become trained in all simple weapons. If you were already trained in all simple weapons, you become trained in all martial weapons. If you were already trained in all martial weapons, you become trained in one advanced weapon of your choice." I am trained in simple weapons there for it jumps to martial weapons.

It is so very cool that I am learning all this cool stuff! Some rules are just broken like having a dual handed feat that automatically gives you a -5 penalty hence changing my class feat Twin Feint to Tumble Behind why would I want to attack with a second weapon if I am penalized with a 50% chance to critically fail. What is the point of having two daggers if it is considered two actions I could just simply stab again with the same dagger and have the same penalty I just save from wasting a class feat on a worthless feat and the added bulk of caring two daggers. Now if I had a whip in one hand and a dagger in the other It would not be useless anymore as I could use the whip as a "to hit" or a distraction, tant, or dare I say a seduction.

shroudb I was of the thought along the concept used in the movie Legend with Tom Cruise Oone played by Annabelle Lanyon appeared throughout the movie as a luminous sprite it was not tell later in the movie that she revealed she could alter her size at will.
Hense thinking how cool would that be to have a pixie as a companion somewhat intelligent like the two fey in the movie Willow both swimming in a tankard of beer. In my case I would have pixel more intelligent then Xelphen and has the opinion that Xelphen is her adorably cute pet elf, Xelphen is like Wednesday and Pixel is Enid. Xelphen dark loner outcast Pixel bright cheerful out going. The dynamic would be of great fun to play with.

My opinion is that this over site needs to be addressed and a chart or some form of clarification in the sizes a example or some form of comparison graphic.

These are just my personal opinions and thoughts with all of your advice I have learned a great deal and I continue to learn more each day with your help. Thank you one and all for taking time to read this thread and then to take your personal time to think about the topics and then express your thoughts, opinions and advice here. In helping me I am of hope you aid others in their endeavors! Thank you!

... Some rules are just broken like having a dual handed feat that automatically gives you a -5 penalty hence changing my class feat Twin Feint to Tumble Behind why would...


Twin Feint does not automatically give you a -5 penalty. Attacking twice, dual weapon or not, incurs the MAP (Multiple Attack Penalty). Twin Feint gives an advantage in that the target is automatically Flat-Footed to your second attack meaning their AC is -2 and you can apply Sneak Attack.

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Note that since daggers are agile, the attack penalty for the second attack is -4 rather than -5. This means when using twin feint with a dagger as the second weapon, your second attack is at -4 vs an opponent who has -2 and is now vulnerable to sneak attack. For an opponent who is already flat-footed this isn't much, but it's one easy way to guarantee that opportunity.

I love the whole sigh thing LOL I did state in my opinion.

So sneak attack -2 penalty off the Monsters AC lowers the to hit number and gives me a precision damage bonus 1d6 on a monster if I hit using my Trained Stealth at a +3 to my roll. -5 Multiple Attack Penalty off my roll for a second attack action with a +3 stealth profession bonus to hit the monsters AC that has a -2 penalty for being flatfooted? So my second attack would be an even roll as my +3 and their -2 cancels out the -5 Multiple Attack Penalty without any +1 or better weapons. Is that right?

What is it considered if I leap or rush attack and stab both daggers into the monster at once is that two attacks with 2 actions or just one action using my Twin Feint feat with the ability to use two more actions in the round? arrgg Archives of Nethys has crashed again. oh well I'll wing it Twin feint state stab once roll and attack again making it a two action feat.

Hmm... I don't think there's any circumstance where your Stealth modifier matters during a Strike action.

At level 1 you're likely to have Trained proficiency with a dagger, which will be +3 (level 1 + trained 2). You are also likely to have at least 16 or 18 dexterity, which grants +3 or +4 to finesse attacks for a total of +7 attack.

If you want to rush down an enemy and stab them with your daggers, that's a Stride + Strike + Strike for three actions total unless you have a special ability. Those strikes would be +7 and then +3 (again, because daggers have 'agile', it's only a -4 penalty, not -5, though if your second attack was made using a longsword that would be -5).

A Fighter has a feat which lets them make 2 attacks for 2 actions but ignore the attack penalty (i.e. +7/+7)

A Ranger has a feat which lets them make 2 attack for 1 action, but keep the penalty (+7/+3)

The Twin Feint feat is 2 attacks for 2 actions, but giving the enemy a penalty to AC, so it's mathematically kind of like (+7/+5) assuming the enemy wasn't already being flanked. If they were, then Twin Feint doesn't actually help that specific attack but it might help another time.

Dooo deee dooo I was so excited about the whole Stiletto Pen weapon I changed my description to fit it.

Petit, wiry, athletic, chiseled facial features with a sullen or scowling expression. Jet-Black skin tone, Long silver braided hair, piercing bright red eyes. Her Hair is braided in two warrior braids each running long the sides of her head and joined together behind her head. Braided into her braids are Stiletto Pen darts on in each braid. Her Leather armor in dyed very dark black as is her boots and gloves.

Then I went to post the item and stats to the profile post and found out it cost 8 gold pieces and is a fully functional pen. Is there a Stiletto hair pin I can ask the Game Master to substitute with as I only get 15 gold to start with.

Some of this stuffs is crazy I am of thought a dart you know throwing dart 6 inches long you get three, you throw them at the dart board but no it is this huge bulky monstrosity larger than an arrow but shorter than a javelin. doohhh.....

Xelphen is a Cavern Elf Hounded Thief Rogue Thief with aspirations in becoming an Assassin Dedication. I have a 18 dex trained in simple weapons as well as having Elven Weapon Familiarity.

The whole knowing when to roll and remembering all the bonuses and penalty's is what prevented my from DMing it is so intimidating people counting on me to know everything LOL bluh bluh bluh freaks me out.

looking for hair pin weapons but Archives of Nethys is sluggish. The thought of stabbing people with a hair pin is appealing to me even dare I say it in a tantalizing, very excitingly, morbidly dark and extremely disturbing way...

A couple thoughts on that.

One, 8 GP is pretty trivial once you get out of level 1 character creation.

Two, usually the GM will let you re-skin items. Use the stats of a dagger and describe it as a bladed hairpin if you want.

humm what is this oh sweet coding format codes! AWESOME! Xelphen oh oh oh this is sooo much better. for the most part normal forum codes.

Yes in the scheme of things 8gp it seems trivial, but the limit of 15 gold must be maintained plus I do not want an ink pen breaking in my silver hair. Large hair pins some dipped in neurotoxin others in hallucinogens would suit me just fine. Given their cheap losing them is not such a big deal whereas losing a 8 gold piece pen is.

intriguing the thought of walking down the street and then picking multiple people then act as if I to was stung by a wasp and act freaked out yelling wasp as I pick pocket people in the mass confusion as people trip out and run screaming. interesting very very interesting.

Another option for getting whip proficiency would be the Bounty Hunter archetype.

The Dedication is only "ok" - it gives you a "hunt prey" ability that helps with tracking. Good before combat and if your concept includes hunting down a mark.

But! the 4th level feat "Tools of the Trade" gives you proficiency with Whip, Bolas (for ranged trip), and Sap and the ability to make non-lethal attacks with *any* weapon without penalty. So you could choose to kill someone with a stiletto pen, or hit them with the back end and just knock them out. *Plus* proficiency with those weapons scales with your level.

The later Bounty Hunter feats are more situational but still cool: Keep Pace gives you a reaction to keep an opponent from getting away, and Opportunistic Grapple gives you a reaction to insta-grab a nearby opponent if they make a combat mistake.

Technically it's called "Bounty Hunter" but for some Assassin concepts it is more useful than the actual Assassin archetype.

Bounty Hunter Dedication is intriguing but the Assassin Dedication fits well with the "loner outcast" cavern (Drow) elf build and supports the rogue class. I "fixed the whole stiletto pen cost thing with crafting a simple wooden hair pieces in the shape of a long thin knife xelphen-rogue-assassin "Braided into her braids are two long slender hairpins finely crafted from red wood styled in the shape of stiletto daggers one in each braid the hilts showing like decretive hair pieces. One dripped in deadly neurotoxin the other in a powerful hallucinogen." Made from Bloodwood if ever you seen bloodwood it is a very lovely color and is a very hard dense wood. I thought it fitting for a rogue assassin.

But like everything else in the game it is up to the Game Master if I get to keep them and use a bullwhip... =)

I was very intrigued about the Bounty Hunter theme, so I crafted a Female Orc Barbarian bounty hunter in hopes of exploring how to craft characters.

I been doing real life stuff so my time was divided between searching out data on things I yet do not understand. I have scabbed together forum code
tables to record the characters stats.

Earlier today I worked on the armor class table. I realized I did not understand how Pathbuilder was determining my AC numbers. Xelphen Drow Rogue Armor Class 18, Armor Class Base 10, Dexterity/Cap +4, Proficiency +3, Training trained, Item +1 her armor.
Trained in light armor +2, 18 dex so +4 +1 for wearing armor.

I do not know if I got that right because when I do Taygete Nagaji Cleric
Armor Class 13, Armor Class Base 10, Dexterity/Cap 0, Proficiency +3
Training Trained, Item -

Where does the proficiency number come from?

There are a lot of things I yet do not know and you all have been a great deal of help. I am of to play in forum code to see if removing the padding and spacing in the code makes the tables smaller and yet be easy to see the stat data still. Thank you one and all for you help!

Proficiency is your trained value + your level. All classes but monk have a proficiency value of 3 at level 1.

In your first example, you are not counting your level.

Total bonus values have a lot of components to them.

Proficiency Rank value is:
+2 for Trained
+4 for Expert
+6 for Master
+8 for Legendary

Your Proficiency Bonus (needed for certain things - especially the Assurance feat):
Proficiency Rank value + character level

There is also a special case at this point here. Your Proficiency Bonus is zero if you are not at least Trained in the thing you are calculating a bonus for.

Then your base bonus is going to be:
Proficiency Bonus + Ability Modifier
for whatever Ability the bonus is keyed to.
This also means that even if your proficiency rank is untrained in a skill, your Proficiency Bonus may be zero, but you do still add your Ability modifier to that.

Then that base bonus value will be modified by other less inherent things such as item bonuses, circumstance bonuses, or various types of penalties.

So with all of that complex calculation going on, it is sometimes easy to miss something.

Doo deee dooo ok that took a bit of time you change one little thing wrong in a sheet of code and everything goes fubar.

So did a lot of reading and playing about with all the characters I crafted. so Xelphen is a level 1 rogue dressed in leather armor trained in light and medium armor and has a dexterity of 18.

Armor Class is calculated using the following formula.
Armor Class = 10 + Dexterity modifier (up to your armor’s Dex Cap) + proficiency bonus + armor’s item bonus to AC + other bonuses + penalties

Armor class base of 10, +4 for dexterity, +3 for being trained in light armor and being a level 1 character, +1 for wearing leather armor = 18 which coincides with PathBiulder.

Taygete Nagaji Cleric level 1 Has a 10 dexterity, is trained in unarmored and is not wearing armor.
Armor Class base of 10, +0 for dexterity, +3 for being trained in unarmored and is not wearing any armor. = 13.

Training +2, +1 for level 1 = Proficiency +3. Is that right?

Training +2, +1 for level 1 = Proficiency +3. Is that right?


Dooo deee doooo oh hello there! I would like to say you all have been AWESOME!!!!! You all have been so very helpful and kind! Such great advice and you all have been very patient with me. You people are AWESOME!!! awesome awesome awesome...

I know I am broken and all and I have a twisted sense of humor. My personality is a bit eccentric and my point of view on the world might be a bit to the dark side of things.

How ever I been learning a great deal on crafting characters not that I have everything figured out or know all of the extensive details. I have been very busy making different characters to get insight into the classes. The latest one is a Fetchling Witch everything was going swimmingly tell I was at the cantrips and spells part. I watched the guy Nonat1s a couple time on his Witches 101 video. bluh bluh bluh so I get to pick 4 cantrips and two spells from my patron or familiar. do I only have the ones 4 and 2 or do I get to pick from the whole list and can only retain 4 and 2 a day without talking to my familiar? The Familiar is the one that remembers the spells is it limited to the 2 for now? The Character seems weak having access to only two spells.

Anyways I do not wish to be a bother or overstay my welcome you all have been so very nice to me and your replies are most appreciated. I do hope all of your advice is helping others as it has helped me! Thank you for your time!

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