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How do you account for that Corgi Mount Feat in the Lost Omens Ancestry feat for the Pixie? It describes it, and indicates that it's a Small size vs Tiny, and that you are unable to make it fly or anything too nuts, but it doesn't describe the Corgi itself.

Also mentions the scent ability.

I was trying to find out how to use it in the game, what its abilities are, etc. Where is that referenced in the books or do you have any tips? Trying to figure out how to build the sheet for it.

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The corgi is just a familiar.

General rules for basic features are here.

All familiars are largely amorphous blobs with familiar and master abilities attached. They generally don't have stats or abilities beyond what's laid out in the above link and granted to them by the abilities you can give them.

While they are superficially similar in some respects, I wouldn't try to think of them like animal companions.

The reason they are listed as small over tiny is so your Pixie can use it as a mount. As, by default, all familiars are otherwise Tiny (excluding some specific familiars)

Pixies are also Small and can't use them as a mount.

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Super Zero wrote:
Pixies are also Small and can't use them as a mount.

True. Though they are the only Sprite heritage that is - the rest are tiny and can ride the Corgi Mount familiar. Somewhat unfortunate that Old_Man_Robot picked that for the example.

I don't see anything else in that response that is inaccurate though.

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Yep, I dun goofed on what the name of the Ancestry was vs the heritage. Even though I played one for a bit when they came out, I always mix the names up.

Sorry. I had a little more to say about corgi-zilla and how it calls for more rules exceptions and creates new problems on top of that than just letting the corgi be corgi-sized... but I decided that a complaint about what the rules are wasn't relevant to a question about what they say.

So I deleted that, and then I guess I posted the one sentence that was left anyway, with no context.

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