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I'm fairly new to the forums, but I have a moderate amount of experience as a GM and a number of Adventure Paths "burning a hole in my pocket," and it seems like PF1E is still a popular system. If anyone's interested, I am prepared to run the Rise of the Runelords, Curse of the Crimson Throne, or Jade Regent APs, and while I hope to run all of them at some point, I'll probably start with whichever one seems to garner the most support. Parties will probably be comprised of five members, except if I'm running Rise of the Runelords, which will probably have six, as I understand that certain aspects of it can be quite lethal. Ideally, I'm looking for characters with reasonably large backstories and players who enjoy getting into their characters rather than boiler-plate PCs and "murderhobo" players, but the applications are open to all. Again, I don't know how these recruitment systems generally work, but I hope to decide on which AP to run by the 29th. If anything I do conflicts with the way these things are generally done, for instance if one week isn't enough time to do this kind of interest check, just let me know, whether by PM or posting it in the relevant forum itself, and I'll be happy to change anything that's problematic.

I think you'll find plenty of interest in any and all of those APs here :D. Personally I like Rise or CoCT myself.

Dot for interest; my preferences in order: 1. CoCT, 2. JR, 3. Rise

I agree with Toril, you'll get plenty of applicants.

I would be interested in any of them.

1. CoCT, 2. JR, 3. Rise

I must agree with the current consensus; you will have a plentiful Bounty of submissions.

I have completed RotRL.
I have started, but did not complete (Book 1) Jade Reagant.
I have never played CotCT.

In any case, thank you for running!

Apologies, welcome to the Boards! They be monster 'ere.....

Mostly just mischievous goblins or ratfolk with wrenches.

Welcome to Paizo! I'd be quite interested in either JR or CotCT,if you decide to run a game!

I'm interested, when you do decide which one, you will find you will have a lot more people signing up than you know what to do with. You can do it first come first serve, pick people based on how well they write their backstory, or you can roll the dice, ie lottery.

Torilgrey wrote:
I think you'll find plenty of interest in any and all of those APs here :D. Personally I like Rise or CoCT myself.

I second Torilgrey's sentiments.

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Any one would be great.

Usually an Interest check is just to see if there is interest, and then you would start a recruitment thread for the AP you decide to run.

I think you will find more than enough submissions for each of those APs. Take a look at other recruitment threads to see what kind of stuff normally goes in them.

By now you probably know you have enough interest. A week is pretty short for a recruitment, but can be done.

If you want complete characters, a week is a short recruitment. If you want to select by character concepts or, my preferred, by player suitability then a week is fine.

How a GM selects by player is fairly varied, but can be as simple as “tell me about yourself” to “pitch a character concept” to a deep dive into posting history, best roleplaying vignettes etc…of which none of the latter I am, unfortunately personally very fond of. Those kind of interrogative approaches are about as fun as the GM picking through your completed sheet and finding you are over-budgeted on a Language or have the incorrect damage dice on your large-sized Bohemian earspoon.

I’ve participated in far too many multi-week recruitments with dozens of full characters only for the GM to do a no-show or pick “interesting characters” played by problematic players or ok players who then likewise disappear. These days I limit how many games I’m in and who I play with because life is too short to play with folx I don’t gel with and there are always, always new games turning up. I often wonder if more games would last longer if GM’s chose by player than character.

I also feel for those folx who are completely new either to the system or the PbP boards, and always make way where possible for a new player and champion GMs who either make space or entire “table” for newbies.

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I agree with the group. Interested players are CHEAP and readily available. GMs are not.

You should pick the AP you are looking forward to the most. Running an AP on ANY forum is slow, cumbersome, and frustrating.

I would most like to see CotCT (never really seen the inside of that AP), RotR (group died painfully with a fight between the GM and a player and between a second player and the other 2), or JR.

Generally, interest threads last long enough for the GM to determine he can make a table. Recruitment threads vary wildly. Some do first who post get in and are VERY quick. Others open with a target end date and reserve the right to announce the date will be moving up if there are a bunch of good submissions.

Given your preference for a significant background, I would think you want to give players with full time jobs time to do the writing you are requesting. Up to you, though. Your game.

Typical points in a recruitment thread include:

Build points
# of traits
Alignment restrictions
Race restrictions
Class restrictions
Source material restrictions
Variant rules used or not (background skills, VMC, Elephant in the Room, gestalt, whatever else comes to mind)

Big build points will draw more interest.
Monster races will draw very focused interest.
Evil alignments will draw very focused interest.
3rd party material will draw more interest.
Variant rules can drive more interest.

Define the game you want to enjoy. There will be plenty of applicants.

Like others said, you'll likely get a lot of interests no matter which one you run :)

I never got very far in Rise of the Runelords, and less far in Curse of the Crimson Throne which I only barely started in. I never got to play in Jade Regent at all. So I'd love to apply for anyone you choose.

CotCT I haven't really seen run on the boards. The other two I have briefly played before the campaigns fizzled out. My vote would be for the former.

I would be very interested to hear tell of any of the three though. As others have said, players are plentiful.

After reviewing the posts on this thread, I think I'll start with Curse of the Crimson Throne (as Rise of the Runelords is somewhat infamously difficult and Jade Regent builds on characters and locations introduced in Rise of the Runelords), though I hope to run both other APs for any who are interested.
The Curse of the Crimson Throne recruitment thread is linked HERE for any interested parties.
Also, looking back at my original post, I realize that I chose somewhat poor wording to describe my intentions. My plan was not to close recruitment in one week (which I believe would be an unusually brief period) but to wait one week to determine interest in the APs I had available (which I now understand is longer than necessary). My apologies for any confusion.

Grand Lodge

I am very interested!!!

Started playing it here but the game fell over after starting

People like lots of build points, lots of content (core is unpopular), elephant in the room is popular.

You will have plenty of interest, it seems 1E is very popular (I personally prefer it)

An engaged happy GM is paramount for success, run what you like and using the amazing APs from Paizo is great.

I ran the Giantslayer and Mummy's Mask when they first came out -- not as popular as the ones you mentioned.

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