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Because there is no forum that is particularly relevant to questions about playing with kids, I thought I'd create an onging thread to collect advice.

The Beginner Box forum has some relevant advice threads for getting started with the Beginner Box adventure "Menace Under Otari". It also has threads about the stand alone adventure "Troubles In Otari".

There are also scattered threads, like this one in the Online Play "Scenario Recommendations For Library Program, looking for advice about players age 10 and up.

With new GMs and players rapidly joining this community, it might be useful to collect advice about how to get started with PF2 if your players are kids.

Obviously, 'kids' could be a wide range of ages, and their experience and background with ttRPGs is going to be just as wide. When you make suggestions, please indicate what audience your advice is addressed to: experienced adult GMs; inexperienced adult GMs; experienced players; inexperienced players, and whether the advice is for home games or games in monitored public settings like schools and libraries.

If theres a good thread in some other forum, please link it here for reference.

The most common advice is to start with the Beginner Box (Menace Under Otari); move on to the "Troubles In Otari" adventure, and finally begin the "Abomination Vaults" Adventure Path which may not always be appropriate for younger players.

There are also sugestions for PFS scenarios that are ways to introduce Pathfinder Society.

And there used to be a "Kids Track" in PFS, but it seems to have been abandoned. Any suggestions from that era would also be appreciated.

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Public libraries, schools, clubs, and nonprofits that need Starfinder and Pathfinder starter-kits (Core Rulebook, Beginner Box,etc.) can email Tell us how many young people you have and their experience level. Please have some patience while we work through the queue that’s already there.

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Several threads like this one make me feel like we (the community, not me personally) are tidying up the house before greeting guests. It's a great awesome feeling.

A big thank you to everyone involved !!!

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