How do you store and transport your collection?

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A friend of mine introduced me to PACG a while ago, and I recently decided to buy up...well...a lot of the products recently, lol. I bought Skull and Shackles with all the adventure decks and character add-on, Wrath of the Righteous with all the adventure decks and character add-on, the core set, and more class expansions and add-ons that I can count. I plan to eventually get Curse of the Crimson Throne and Mummy's Mask with all of its adventure decks and character add-on. I'd like to eventually get Rise of the Runelords, as well...may be a while, though.

I'm curious about how others might store and transport their collections? It's not always practical to play at my home, unfortunately. The simplest solution that comes to mind would be a cardboard storage box of some sort, but even that isn't the simplest to carry when trying to tote.

I have the PACG Organizer from The Broken Token ( in each of my adventure path boxes. This allows me to have all of my cards sleeved and out of the smaller boxes that they came in, especially since I use custom dividers that are available at the Board Game Geek ( - there are alternatives available at that site so I recommend shopping around before you choose to download/print any). The Broken Token's organizer makes the box heavy, but it's worth it. At least one other company provides a similar organizer, but enterprising players can also create their own using either hobby wood or foamcore.

I have each of the class/character/add-on decks stored in a 100-card storage box from BCW ( As with the AP cards, all of the cards are sleeved and I use custom dividers (these are also available at the Board Game Geek, but each file is associated with the deck and I don't want to inundate you with links). If I'm going somewhere else to play, I only need one or two of these so I can take them in the individual boxes. If I want to impress people, however, I have a collectible card storage box similar to this (that's not the actual one that I have). Mine holds two different decks and there is a compartment for dice.

In addition, I have custom standees, multiple sets of dice, and a variety of other aids stored in a tackle box from Plano ( 10?variant=40467981238432). This is mostly for storage, but if I ever find the time to host PACG at a convention or game club, this tackle box has everything I need to provide for the needs of twelve players (i.e., two tables).

Generally speaking, I don't have the "problem" of not being able to play at home. The two PACG groups I have play either at my house or at my in-laws' house. I have all of the APs and my in-laws have the first four. If I'm playing at my in-laws', I only have to worry about carrying my dice (in a handy bag) and maybe a class/character/add-on deck if I'm not going to use one of the characters that comes in the AP. If I were going to play somewhere else, I would probably only take one AP, my dice, and three or four class/character/add-on decks - not too difficult to lug around. I dream of the day when I need to carry the tackle box somewhere for PACG - it wouldn't be easy, but I'm sure it would be fun.

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