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I'm going to be playing a kraken caller and I might take the giant squid as my companion. Does it only have one tentacle attack??

They only get one attack with their tentacles, but probably use more than on in the attack. If you look at the stat block for squids and giant squids in the bestiaries, they also only get a single tentacle attack.

Shadow Lodge

Yeah, I was looking into the Giant Squid as a potential Beast Shape form last week, and I concluded that all/both your tentacles are used in a single secondary attack.

On a side note, squids apparently only have two tentacles and eight shorter arms, so the limb descriptions might be backwards in PF1 (or maybe I am just reading too much into the 'two arm attacks' bit)...

Squids are both a bit misanatomy'd and basically take after devilfish (which are just evil cuttlefish) so that they have one big "bite" with all their tentacles acting like flexible teeth.

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