Replays for PF1 that were given out in PF2 roll out...

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So, are these still around in the background somewhere? I would like to know how many I have, and have some way to keep track of them.

I also would ask about the Expanded Narritive boon and if we could bring it back for PF2 (as a 0 cost, still dependent on games GM'd and glyphs).

Could there also be a replay boon for a small about of AcP available?

Also might be nice if the reporter/player could denote reported games as replayed ones with a check box or such.


Scarab Sages 4/5

I don't think the tracking for the replays is ever coming back. The formula was 5 replays for every 50 games played as a player (no partials), capped at 25 replays. Plus 1 replay per star as a GM. At whatever point in time they ran the batch job (possibly July 24, 2019 from forum posts).

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