Interest in a Starfinder campaign?


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I'm thinking of GMing a Starfinder campaign, as I just got the classic Dead Suns AP.
Bear in mind I've only played a handful of sessions, am brand new to GMing it and only have the Core rulebook.
Who might be interested?

Did you get the whole AP Cam?

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I got the hardcover compilation.

*perk* You've my pen! —er, keys? —keyboard?

Horizon Hunters

Tentatively interested, haven't played starfinder in quite a while

I'd be interested.

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I haven't played Starfinder since the playtest, I'd be interested in giving it another shot.

I'd definitely be interested in playing through some Dead Suns! Count me interested!

I'm interested

DM Camris you ran Carrion Crown for me years ago.

Count me in

I’m a Star newbee. Thinking precog pilot type

Looks like more than enough interest for a game!

OK, now I'll take maybe a week or three to set up the game, but I'll be back.
Think of the characters you want to play until then!

What do we think the best path to being Telekinetic is?

Once upon a time I made a really cool Star Shaman (they get the spell even as a mystic)
But could go pure Technomancer, maybe with Phrenic Adept.

Dibs on the Angriest Swarm!
(Spathinae Nanocyte)

Great Ysoki precog pilot who is a jittery coffeeholic will be my concept.

Carries a booster seat so he can fly in seats made for humanoids.

I just reviewed some Starfinder materials -- we can pick alignments and a diety like Pathfinder!

So Ysogi, precog, ace pilot CG worshipper of Weydan constantly drinks coffee and carries expresso pods for his handy portable battery driven coffee maker that fits into his pilot booster seat.

Starting feat skill synergy : pilot/perception. Sadly Ysoki avatars may not be available.

I'm interested as well. I've not played Starfinder before, and I'm in the mood for some sci fi, well science fantasy I suppose, but you know...

Let's not go too crazy with characters; bear in mind I just have the Core rulebook.

DM-Camris wrote:

Let's not go too crazy with characters; bear in mind I just have the Core rulebook.

Ah, should we limit our choices to that? I was under the impression that things were being cross-referenced with the Starfinder SRD, for some of the cases. If that is my mistake, I apologize. ^^; :D

Horizon Hunters

It's good to see this is alive

As for character ideas... Operative or envoy, I like skill monkey in starfinder as technology is as good as magic

I'll probably be a Mechanic, though if there's a class other than them that specializes in cybernetics I'd like to consider them as well. Anyone know?

Hey Storm! It's Nathan ...
You could totally try the Nanocyte class for a character who becomes more and more machine like :)

Starbuilder (like Pathbuilder) is pretty much up to date at this point also. Totally worth installing it.

Hey, let’s say operative pilot. I fully support CRB only. Having run CRB pathfinder I fully understand.

CRB Sarfinder pretty much means you need a soldier, an envoy, and everyone else can be operatives. More diversity can be more fun, of course. But you REALLY want a Soldier and an Envoy.

Don't get me wrong, the other classes can be a LOT of fun, but out of the CRB, Operatives are a little op compared to everyone else.

If picked, I'd like to play an Envoy I think, I've got a concept brewing in my head.

I picked operative because it was dex based and went with a pilot, but reading the material it does seem to have lots of nice things, especially when it comes to skills.

Is starfinder point buy really point per point up to 18?? For those of used to paying 3 to 4 points to advance stats near 18 it seems amazing.

Point buy is 1 for 1, but you don't get lots of points . . ..

That's nothing, though. See the attribute advancement by level? Every 5th level, increase 4 attributes. If the attribute is 16 or less (without personal enhancements) increase it by 2 points, otherwise by 1.

It is possible at Level 20 to have ONE attribute at 28, without using anything like Wishes! (18+(4x1)+6 point personal enhancement)

You are allowed exactly one personal enhancement at each of +2, +4, and +6.

I've got a couple of ideas that I've been toying with for Starfinder.

1) Android Operative Ace Pilot with the Ghost specialization. Myriad is an older model of android, one that appears to have been constructed with the intent of looking as humanoid as possible without the visible circuitry that has become more common with newer models. The face and body shape appears quite androgynous and the voice that echoes from it's vocalizer it's quite possibly the oddest thing about it. The voice that comes from the android is strange as it almost sounds like an amalgam of male and female voices, shifting seamlessly mid-word. Myr'iad contains within their consciousness fragments of all the other personalities that have been contained within their chasi, ghosts within the shell if you will. Myr'iad seems to recognize themselves as an individual, but also refers to themselves often as "we" in a recognition of all the collective fragments that speak with them and guide them in their journey amongst the stars.

This would be my prefered character, but I'm also willing to look into filling other positions within the group if need be.

2) Think young Lando Calrissian as the muse for this guy; Outlaw Envoy who is a smooth talking, sentient's guy. He can gamble with the best of them, talk you out of your month's rent or perhaps even your spacesuit. Depends on what sort of fancy strikes him at the moment.

3) Operative Trailblazer; this one lives for exploring the vast spaces in the universe. Secrets are meant to be found and maps were meant to be created. The more untouched a place is, the better...

4) Lastly we have a Roboticist Mechanic; at a young age, this one became obsessed with robotics and the things that could be done with them to better the future of the galaxy!

Generally sounds like folks are pretty interested and have been. So I am late to that party.
but core only I'd be into a Mechanic w/ probably a hover or stealth drone. If dabbling and allowing taking further stuff from outside core. I'd probably go with a mechanic but with the Experimental vehicle or Experimental explosives. As those are still very straight forward. Although that AP being soo old either could cause some oddities perhaps. But the class outline is still very simple and core like.

That is of course if there ends up being space as there is a queue of interest already. Sadly difficult to find starfinder games, live or pbp

There are always so many ideas floating around in my head, I try to wait until I see what the inspiration is during the recruitment.

My only organized play Starfinder character is a Scream Queen actress (Spy Operative) with all the social skills but no Piloting, Mechanics, or Computers, so she doesn't interfere with other people's chance to shine.

I ran an Android Professor for a while, with all the tech skills.

I've got a Cyberborn Reach for the Stars Dwarven Mechanic in a game here on the boards that's been a lot of fun.

I've played an Envoy in a couple of games, more because it was what was needed than because it was my idea, but I could work along those lines fairly quickly I think. A criminal Envoy could be a fixer, or Fence, for example. Always options. Always more ideas.

For my Envoy idea, I was thinking about making a guy that’s something of a double bluff.

Someone who is completely posh, loves to dress up in fancy clothes, and seems a little charmingly befuddled by modern things and ideas.
If you are familiar with him, think Miles Jupp when he is in full comedy mode.

Only, it’s such an OBVIOUS act that people will spend time and energy trying to find out what he is hiding. And then, you realise HE is exactly what he seems. A fop, a clothes horse and all of those things.

Except for course, while he is all of that, it’s just not ALL there is to him.
So he draws attention away from his sneakier and more capable parts of his personality by drawing attention to the other parts of himself.

I think I'll look to build a Soldier. Gotta think about what kind of sentient. Vesk is the obvious choice. Doesn't mean I want to go there. Or that species was what I meant when I said I need to decide what kind of sentient the soldier will be . . ..

OK, clearly plenty of interest is present.
I'll kick off the official recruitment thread today or tomorrow.


How'd that turn out?

Official New Recruitment Thread Here!

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