Anyone an Everyday Heroes backer here? Or d20 Modern type interest?


This is a long shot. I backed a Kickstarter by Evil Genius Games called Everyday Heroes. The game is a spiritual successor to d20 Modern. Anyone here interested? I don't have firm ideas about a campaign, but the game is pretty cool.

I'd be interested -- super interested to see their pacific rim and highlander docs when they come out.

I missed out on the kick-starter but had a blast with d20 modern back in the day. Will need to try and pick up the pdf.

So far I’ve just run some encounters and a few one shots in person. I found the system effective for modern adventures. I have released cinematic adventures but haven’t really delved into those.

Don't know when Pacific Rim or Highlander are coming. I do love that they have secured both Pacific Rim and Kong. Built in capacity to run PR vs Godzilla is pretty cool. Highlander vs Crow vs Kong vs Snake Plisken being totally reasonable just makes me even more happy.

Any thoughts on what you would want to do? I've run a few playtests of the rules where I just ran scenes from 80s action movies. Just to see how the rules played out. But I haven't really done campaign development yet.

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Do we need to have these particular rules or does love of d20 modern count as good enough?

This is all very preliminary at the moment. The rules are mostly 5E rules. There are some changes, I think, but I haven't played enough 5E to be sure.

I'm not even sure what I would want to run. Just seeing what interest is out there.

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