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I noticed that the dice provided with the core set are unorthodox. Most dice manufacturers place numbers such that opposite sides add up to the number of faces+1. Now as long as a dice is well balanced this shouldn't make much difference, but with the inclusion of "The Carnival" Harrow suddenly the opposite side of dice is significant. Does this mean that we should be only playing with the non standard sets provided with the game, be following the common convention of assuming n+1, or what ever this particular dice says on it particlar opposite face?

For reference the dice recieved with the game
D6s: Stanard arrangement.
D8s pair: 1-6, 2-5, 3-8, 4-7
D10s: follow normal die standards except that the common "0" is instead printed "10"
D12 pair: 1-7, 2-10, 3-9, 4-8, 5-12, 6-11

Escout wrote:
I noticed that the dice provided with the core set are unorthodox.

What the? You are right, I did not notice that. My universe just collapsed! It seems that Paizo is at least consistent, as my Skull&Shackles dice (from 2014) have the same arrangement as Core dice, which you just described. Maybe they have some reason for it, but I have no clue what reason it would be other than affecting the value distribution across the faces.

I would use (preferrably) the Sum=(n+1) convention, so either avoid the original dice and use the "normal ones", or switch any Paizo die with a normal die when resolving the Carnival. Due to many many dice required in some rolls, I have PACG dice mixed up with standard dice to beef up their amount - and replacing normal dice with PACG dice does not seem very easy ;)

I've played with a fair number of groups and have always seen The Carnival treated as if the die in question was a standard die, despite being aware of the irregular dice included with the different iterations of the game.

(The power in question: "On any check, discard to bless. After the roll, you may flip 1 non-d4 die upside-down and take the new result."

I wouldn't think too hard about it. When The Carnival's power is used, just flip the die over to its opposite, whether it's an "official" PACG die (i.e., with the non-standard arrangement of faces) or some other die. Having mixed dice might even make things interesting, with flipping some dice giving effect X and other dice giving effect Y.

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