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Hello. I just recently started getting into Pathfinder, and I've been looking for a group or a game. Currently, I'm interested to play in any of the Adventure Paths out there (PF1e).

It'll be nice if there's anyone willing to GM the game as well. Thank you in advance.

You'll probably find people are more willing to take a chance if you have a profile, and maybe a few aliases with some examples of your writing in their backstories.

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To the OP: First, welcome to the boards! As you can probably tell, there are a fair number of games happening here, and at the moment there are at least two open PF1e recruitments (one for Way of the Wicked, if you feel like getting your inner villain on; and one interest check for Forgotten Realms play using PF1e mechanics). The convention here is for GMs to post what they want to run, and then prospective players apply for the game. The GM picks the party, and away they go. Note that one of the open calls is a re-recruitment; the game has been going for some time, they've lost players, and the GM is looking for replacements.

With that in mind, Krisam makes some good points. If you're looking for a GM to slot you into an existing game, you should give that GM something to go on. The competition to get into games here can be steep, especially for the more popular APs. Note also that APs run on this venue represent a considerable time commitment (the fastest I've seen took over two years), and in order to increase the potential for everyone involved to have a good time the GM is going to want some idea of your play/posting style to make sure it's compatible with the other players--not to mention their own. (Note that if you're responding to a recruitment post, you'd presumably supply some of that in your submission.)

If you're looking for further guidance, there are some pinned threads in the subforum HERE that should help. Good luck and happy gaming!

Thank you for your replies.

Still, I actually prefer starting in a game at level 1, and the games mentioned are the ones that have been going on for a while.

Maybe I'll try to create an alias or two, though I'd prefer to make a character specifically for the campaign / adventure path. So, I guess I'm kind of waiting for any willing GM to start a game from the very beginning?

@Ghost866 - there is a new game for PF1e Recruiting now

It is unfortunately set in the Forgotten Realms, but the GM looks to be well interested in the setting and the game.

As for the advice here, I wouldn’t worry too much about a lack of aliases or posting history. Be upfront, tell prospective GMs you are new to the site and PF1e and see how you go. I have seen GMs explicitly make games for newcomers and/or make a slot available for similar.

Well, I'd prefer a Pathfinder Adventure Path, but alright, I guess I'll look into it for a bit.

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