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Zripruss Zandisgrio confronts life with the most delightful vengeance... she is as brash as she is beautiful. She is never seen without her distinctive short sword... a broad, trapezoidal blade often mistaken for a broken broadsword. Her presence is demanding... with her very formal, upright posture she stands at 6'4" tall... a lean, athletic frame easily supports all 170 pounds of her.

Regardless of her intimidating build, Zripruss moves with surprising grace and agility... a dance of delicate precision, with never a movement wasted on nothingness. She has menacing red hair that flows like untamed fire, and bright blue eyes that chill your soul... but, her fierce reputation is not about beauty. No, she earned, and owns, her reputation as a marauder. Known for her fearsome flambouyance and unconquerable resolve, Zripruss Zandisgrio is seldom forgotten.

Female Half-Elf
... Ancestral Arms replaces Adaptability

20pt buy (w/ racials)


1. Deeds
... Opportune Parry & Riposte
... Vengeful Heart
1. Panache
1. Swashbuckler's Finesse
1(class): Weapon Finesse
1(race): EWP Broken-back Seax
1(level): Combat Reflexes

2. Charmed Life 3/day

3. Deeds
... Kip-Up
... Menacing Swordplay
... Precise Strike
... Swashbuckler Initiative
3. Nimble +1
3(level): Power Attack

4(class): Furious Focus
FCB: Panache +1
Stat bump: Str +1 (16)

5. Swashbuckler's Weapon Training +1
5(class): Improved Critical
5(level): Unconquerable Resolve

At 5:
BAB +5
Base saves +1/+4/+1
Charmed Life 3/day
HP ~32
Panache ~3
Resolve 3/day

Attack: +10 (CR5)
+5 bab, +3 dex, +1 mwk, +1 wt

Damages: ~18/23 (CR6)
1D10 (5.5) +5/10 precise strike +4 power attack +3 strength +1 wt

Intimidate: +7 (DC~18/CR8)
+3 class skill +2 charisma +2 ranks *more ranks are available*

Her weapon of choice requires quite the investment in Strength to properly use, so I went with Power Attack... Furious Focus because she can ill-afford penalties to accuracy. Part of her wild charm is killing people with one hit, and one hit is all she's got. By design, she is to be used as a low-level "boss" or upper henchman in encounters below sixth level... where one attack per round is relatively normal. To stay alive, our dear Zripruss relies heavily on Charmed Life, OP&R, and Resolve... at these levels, Kip-Up is actually worth mentioning, too.

I like her.

A character with, well character and a definite style that relates well with what she can do in the game.

If I met her I would try to hit on her given a little encouragement. :)

Zripruss would probably take you up on your offer... always down for a good time, she is. She is also extremely turned off by men that are intimidated by her, so other woman are usually a step ahead in that regard. A classy broad, she'll leave her number on a napkin with crimson lip prints... pinned to the table with a dagger.

I think I am in love.

That is the suitable for all ages version.

And I am a guy.

I had difficulty finding a name that wasn't taken, so I tried a character from one of my favourite songs, Joynt Juke Jezebel by KMFDM. If industrial rock is your thing, google it and have a listen. Don't do it when you are feeling down though as it is kinda depressing.

Then I picked a female cool image to go with the cool female name. Then... regretted it.

It turned out I spent a lot more time on this site than I expected when I took on the ID. Add the fact I am a freak who often plays female characters and everyone thinks I am a girl.

Don't apologize. It is neither offensive nor your fault.

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