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Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

How does this item work? Do we get it for free or is there a cost to be paid, either up front or over the course of adventures?

Dark Archive 4/5 *** Venture-Lieutenant, Finland—Turku

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The boon details that you need to

Spoiler for 4-03:
"so long as you pledge to defend the innocent and provide a donation of 650 gp to the church of Tanagaar or otherwise spend it on causes that Tanagaar approves of, such as on purchasing and donating supplies to defend vulnerable settlements from dangerous monsters or funding animal sanctuaries."

That sounds like a cost you need to pay up front, it's just phrased in a way that you don't technically speaking Buy Her, given that she is an intelligent "an independent person with her own goals" - rather, you make a moneytary sacrifice to appease her and she accompanies you afterwards, at least until you do bad stuff and she refuses to accompany you any more.

Liberty's Edge 3/5 5/5 *** Venture-Captain, Nebraska—Omaha

That is kind of how I am reading it. Wish they would have been more specific in their wording.


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