3 - The Smoking Gun (GM Reference)

Outlaws of Alkenstar

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Surprised there wasn't a thread for this volume yet.
Has anyone ran this all the way through? How did your group like it?

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This is also the case for Stolen Fate. It seems that threads have died out.

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I was a player in a campaign that got 2/3rds the way through this book, but then we TPK’d at a point where it just didn’t feel like it made any sense for the story to continue.

We had a lot of fun with the first 2 books and there were great story themes in the third book, but it was really annoying that the whole campaign was built up around “play with guns, magic bad” and then the last book is essentially : Magic is essential, guns will be nearly useless in many important encounters. Like there should have been tons of enemies with weakness to either bludgeoning or piercing, not resistance to physical as a whole. Also, the time crunches in book 3 are pretty heavy in relationship to the difficulty of the encounters.

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