Some alchemist and gunslinger questions

Rules Questions

Hi, I would appreciate some rules clarifications concerning alchemist admixtures and gunslinger grit.

1) Can you use admixtures with discoveries that modify bombs (for example shock bomb with targeted bomb admixture) ?

I have seen old threads where people discussed interaction of targeted bomb admixture and immolation bomb, so it implies that it works, but in that case this line of text of admixture confuses me: "This effect on your magical reserve has no effect on any discoveries that you use to modify your bombs"

2) What is the maximum number of grit per day for Mysterious Stranger gunslinger archetype? He gains his charisma mod amount of grit, but it doesn't say that his maximum grit per day depends on charisma modifier. If maximum grit is still equal to wisdom modifier, this would make the archetype significantly weaker.

"Instead of using her Wisdom to determine the number of grit points she gains at the start of each day, she uses Charisma. This ability works in all other ways like the Gunslinger’s grit class feature."

Same question could be asked about Inspired Blade Swashbuckler, it has similar text. However, since his daily allowance of panache is sum of charisma and int modifiers it wouldn't make sense that maximum panache is by default lower than starting (if it only depends on charisma)

"Each day, an inspired blade gains a number of panache points equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1) plus her Intelligence modifier (minimum 1), instead of just her Charisma modifier."

3) How many combined girt/panache Inspired blade 1 / Mysterious Stranger 1 with 14 int and 16 cha has each day? 8 or 5 ?
Is it subject to the general rule that you cannot add twice the same ability bonus on something? On the other hand, in the sourcebook I have it states that you can add twice the charisma bonus if you combine luck and panache.

Thanks in advance !

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